Journey into Nyx – Full Spoilers. Thoughts?


The proverbial beans have been spilled on the latest release of Magic: The Gathering – Journey into Nyx, the third and final portion of the Theros block.  As is typical with these releases the cards are slowly spoiled (released?) but now we’ve finally reached the stage where every card is known.

The folks over at Mythic Spoiler have a fantastic page up with an image of every card in the set on a single page for you to browse.  Head over to their website here to take a look.

So now that we can see every card, I put the question to our experienced MTG playing readers –

Which cards should players be keeping an eye on?

Which cards are going to introduce powerful new playstyles or combinations?
Are any of these cards likely to see good play in Extended or Eternal Formats?

I can see ‘Skybind’ going into some very silly decks and potentially creating some convoluted combo’s.  ‘Reprisal’ is also looking like a solid card for white-weenie decks.

With the pre-release coming up this weekend you’re about to enter into a period of sealed and booster draft events a-plenty.  Taking some time to go over these spoiled cards will make the difference.

reprisalEnjoy Return to Nyx at your Local Gaming Store this weekend and we hope to have some Nyx prizes and give-aways available soon!

~ Toby

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