Interview – Elphie Coyle (Creator / Developer) Infinity Wars.


Hey Guys, Bodhi here for one of my first interviews from the Weekend of Epic Diem! This time around, I was lucky enough to be able to speak with Elphie Coyle who is one of  the main creators behind Infinity wars. I hope you guys check out the game and you can expect an article from our very own Lochlan Ellison to hit the site ASAP with a full breakdown of the game!


Elphie (Left) with Lochlan from BTGN.

Bodhi: How long has Infinity Wars been a project? You just told me that you are currently in Closed Beta and are looking to go Public very soon?

Elphie: As a company we have been working on the game for the last 12 months. It has been going incredibly well for the last few months and we are about to enter into an invite Beta that we hope will see a huge rise in our player base!

Bodhi: Where did you guys get the inspiration for the design of the game and the overall character feel of the game?

Elphie: The game world was created by myself and my other lead designer Ian Underwood. The mechanics of the game we have pulled from a lot of different cards game that we as a company are fans of. Games like Magic, Yu-Gi-Oh! and the WoW TCG are several of the classic Trading Card Games that we can take inspiration from. In saying that, we have really been looking at ways to improve card games in the digital format and what were the main points of these trading card games that we could adapt into our own style. That  is how we created Infinity Wars.’

Bodhi: You guys already seem to have an incredibly polished game for Closed Beta, what are some of your favorite animation styles in the game that you guys have designed?

Elphie: I definitely have a personal favourite card and art style which is Agent Coyle who is our character. A lot of our guys in the company have had their own characters done up for the game and we sometimes transfer these characters into the game should they fit with the style we are trying to portray. We’ve recently re-done a few cards with new and improved animations and they are looking really good right now too.

Bodhi: If you could give the readers a short run-down on what Infinity Wars is and why they should be rushing to their friends asking for a BETA key, what would you say?

Elphie: Infinity Wars is the first fully animated Trading Card Game in the World. We have also gone to extreme lengths to remove the pain points from the game and to really dig deep to find out just how a Trading Card Game should be played on-line. One of our biggest improvements we feel was the introduction of simultaneous turns, not having to mindlessly wait for other players who may be lagging or playing slowly. You can feel the tension in the game when both you and your opponent are taking turns at the exact same time and it brings out the most competitive and strategy intensive side of card-games. We’ve also got a big focus on taking the game in the direction of E-sports, so we’ve got tournaments with cash prizes in the future with sponsor backing that we can hopefully get up and running when the game goes live! Other than that, the game is totally free to play and we are bringing out new content for the game every single week so there is always new cards to get your hands on without paying a cent!

Lochlan (Invades the interview): I see that one of the mechanics of the game is called “Health” and one is called “Morale”, what are these tools and how do they affect the game?

Elphie: Morale is a mechanic that we brought into the game to help deal with attrition. This means that some games that take 1 hour+ just to finish a series with someone is something that we don’t want to see in this game. We’d like it to be fast and fun and that is where Morale comes into play. When you are constantly destroying and attacking  your opponents creatures and they are continually losing board advantage you start to take points off of your opponents “Morale” meter and when it hits zero they are so demoralised they run away in fear!

Bodhi: I can see that there are certain factions within the game, would you like to tell the readers about that?

Elphie: Absolutely! We’ve currently got 7 factions and we are trying to add new ones in as we speak! The idea is that we have different planes of existence that characters are on so within each world there are different factions. This means also that we can make the mechanics of each faction different and so that the game is never stale for new players.

Bodhi: Any final words on the company and anything you’d like to add?

Elphie: We are pretty much a small Indie Company based in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast. We’ve got about 12 guys working for us now who are working day in-day out to finish this game and make it look amazing for the players! We really appreciate any kind of support you guys can give us as a company and we are going to keep doing our best to make the game as fun as possible.


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