For Honor! For Profit!

For all Netrunners out there, the time has finally arrived for the release of the second Android: Netrunner deluxe expansion – Honor and Profit. After months of waiting and several sneak peeks and reviews of tasty new cards we’ll all finally be able to play a decent Jinteki deck.


This expansion focuses on two factions, Criminal on the runners side and Jinteki on the corporations’, much the same as the first deluxe expansion Creation and Control did back in July/August last year between Shaper and Haas-Bioroid.

All of the cards in this expansion were spoiled online late last week, albeit they were in German and captured with a potato, which gave us all something to drool over until the cards are in our grubby little hands. Some of these cards are already provoking quite a bit of discussion among the community.

Death or Punishment - your choice.

Death or Punishment – your choice.

One in particular is Shi.Kyu which, when accessed aside from R&D, causes the Runner to either take X net damage (X being the cost paid by the Corp) OR score the asset as an agenda worth -1 point. This really adds to the Jinteki ‘shell game’ and forces the Runner to either take that -1 point in agenda or sacrifice an instance of Deus X to make the Corp burn some cash. An interesting card that could and could not see some play, especially for four influence out-of-faction.

Personally, I love the art and the double meaning of Shi.Kyu. Choose door number Four and you could meet ‘death’ via net damage or choose door number Nine and be ‘punished’ for being greedy.


Another card of note, on the side of the thieving Criminals, is the all too over-powered, ‘say goodbye to your cash and agendas’ double event, Planned Assault. In the words of a white girl rapper wannabe – this s#!t is bananas. Double-click event for a cost of two measly creds to search your stack for a run event AND PLAY IT IGNORING ALL OTHER COSTS. Hmm. Yep. Wow. Much wow. Many runs.


Needs more power!

Corp getting too much cash? Tutor for an Account Siphon. Indexed R&D but haven’t got that Maker’s Eye in hand? No worries! Did that Corp just destroy your Knight?! Laugh in their face as you make a Retrieval Run from your stack. Suckers! I see this being an auto-include in many decks across all factions of Runners for some time to come, much like Clone Chip from the first deluxe expansion.

Well, that’s a quick overview of the expansion but you can check out all the gory details over here and all of the spoiled cards (now in English!) all the way over here. Keep an eye out at your friendly LGS for stock of Honor and Profit within the next two weeks once the steam-powered paddle boat rolls into port.

Keep running those servers! Much run. So Corp.

– Kuso

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