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‘Man, we have come here today to wage war; some of us will get injured, while some of us will be lost. But we will win this battle. Songs and tales of our victory will be told for centuries. Today is our entry into the record books, today we become legends.’ As the cheer erupts, suddenly a dark figure appears over them. ‘Oh my god Ashley, they are so cute. Look how excited they are to see us, they are squeaking at us. So what are their names?’  asks Jenna. ‘That one there is Mr. Squeaks, he is the most vocal and look, I think he sees his other hamster friends in the next cage.’

Shuffle all the cards and deal eight cards to each player.  Players then choose three Clan Hamsters from their hand to be their starting Horde. There are four Hamster clans: red, green, orange, and blue.

Game play consists of steps:

Step 1: Draw two cards

Step 2: Play a clan card

Clan Hamsters become part of your Horde.  Some Clan Hamsters have actions that occur when there are 2 or more in your Horde.

Step 3: Play any additional card

You may play any number of cards, not limited to just additional Clan Hamster. Some of these additional cards are:

  • Attack Hamsters – are played into your Horde on Step 3 and their action is used once, immediately. They count towards your total hamster Horde, but are not Clan Hamsters.
  • Actions Cards – are played on Step 3 of your turn. Complete the action then discard.  There are SPECIAL RED actions that can be played at any point in the game (yes, even if it’s not your turn).
  • Chaos cards – are played immediately when drawn, affect all players and are removed from the game after being played.
  • Gyrating Hamster cards – can be played in one of two ways. They may be played into your Horde to represent any clan color or they may be discarded to steal one Hamster from each player.

Step 4: Battle

There are two types of battles: Duels & Clan Battles.

  • DUEL – 1 vs. 1 – The challenger chooses one Hamster from their Horde and one Hamster from the opponent’s Horde to battle.
  • CLAN BATTLE – ? vs. ? – The challenger chooses up to four Hamsters from one clan in their Horde and up to four Hamsters from the same clan in the opponent’s Horde to battle.

The winner of a battle is determined by rolling dice equal to the number of hamsters put up for battle. The player who rolls the highest single number wins the battle.  The losing player’s hamsters are added to the victor’s Horde.

There are two ways to win Gyrating Hamsters

  • Collect 9 Hamsters from a single clan in your Horde.
  • Collect a total of 16 Hamsters in your Horde.


Gyrating Hamsters is a super fun and adorably cute, light filler game and the only game my housemate has actually played with me willingly. This is a major accomplishment as she is not a gamer and no matter how hard I try, will never become one. But she took one look at this and asked me to play.  Granted once I picked my jaw up off the floor, we did only manage to get ¾ of the way through a game before she replied, ‘I’ve seen all the cute cards now, I’m done.’  I don’t know if I can get across in words just how massive this is; I have only ever been able to play one other game with her and it cost me dinner.

So I did eventually get to play a whole game of Gyrating Hamsters, at a recent gaming night at a friend’s place. My two friends and their 12 year old daughter actually played quite a few games and have come back to it several times. This is a great game for kids and adults alike; it is simple to learn and even easier to set up with an amazing replay value. My friend’s daughter loved it so much, I have actually left my copy of Gyrating Hamsters there because she is having a sleepover on the weekend and wants to teach and play with her friends. So though I forgot to ask if they enjoyed it, I would have a guess they did.

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The game play and mechanics are what you would expect from a filler game; light and fun, easy to learn and teach. What really takes this game to the next level is it’s art. It is amazing. There are so many amazing characters, each with their own personality and they are also so cute. I have played several light filler games like this and yet this one really makes me smile and want to play more. The characters and art is amazing, and everyone I have shown pictures of this game to wants to play it.

This really is a super fun and stunning game, and for $20 it is an instant buy for me. But if you check out their Kickstarter preview here, you’ll see for $35 you can get a second copy called Unadopted. This looks amazing; I am guessing it is the same game yet with a more’ out there’ bunch of characters (18+ version).


Gyrating Hamsters is due to go live on the 9th of May and I think this is one you need to watch. I know it will be one I back for sure!

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