GP Sydney: A Troubling Early Look

GP Sydney is coming at the end of July this year, followed up by Pro Tour Eldritch Moon in Sydney the week after. Let’s get excited, yeah!? Hold up. Not so fast.

The prices of Grand Prix around the world have been rising over the last couple years, but according to the test site that ChainLinks has put up, GP Sydney is looking to be prohibitively expensive at $120 pre-registered and $130 on-site registration. You can check out the test page here. It’s important to note that the site itself maintains that “INFORMATION HERE ARE FOR TESTING PURPOSES ONLYbut the fact that the information presented is consistent with recent trends (and let’s be honest, is probably indicative of the amount they’re thinking of setting) is troubling at the least.



If this pricing is correct, (and accounting for conversion rates) this makes GP Sydney possibly the most expensive GP we’ve seen in the world so far. We did a quick currency conversion on some of the upcoming sealed GPs, and found the following:

Beijing – 15th April to 17th April – $65 USD, $84 AUD – Run by Panda Events

Albuquerque – 15th April to 17th April – $70 USD, $90 AUD (Pre registration $60 USD, $77 AUD) – Run by Cascade Games

Barcelona – 15th April to 17th April – 75 Euro, $109 AUD (Pre registration €65 Euro, $95 AUD) – Run by Tournament Centre EU

Sao Paulo (Team sealed) – 1st July to 3rd July – R$140, $51 AUD (Entry, Boosters, Life Pad, 3 Promos) or R$230, $85 AUD (plus playmats)

The budget option for Sao Paulo was apparently made available after a large amount of people complained about the price.

If this information is in fact correct it could be very damning for Chainlinks, especially after the fiasco that was the Melbourne GP.  You can read our article on that event here.

Thanks to Ben for checking the prices and doing the currency conversion.

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