Good Games GC – Netrunner Tournament Highlights

Saturday 21st of February saw 13 runners compete in a four round Swiss tournament at Good Games Gold Coast. There was a very decent turnout considering that there was a Magic tournament happening simultaneously, plus a Netrunner store championship to play the very next day!

A couple of games from round 3 and 4 of the top table are featured below.

Kuso’s Industrial Genomics Deck faces up against my own ‘Prepaid Kate’ deck:

My prepaid Kate features again in the final round Vs Jeremy’s Blue Sun:

Our final standings for the top 8:

1. Alex Marchuk
2. Andru Rodger
3. Jeremy Puku
4. Dominic Nappa
5. Damien Hutchins
6. Michael Green
7. Ashley “Kuso” Cook
8. Lin Htat

The prize support was awesome for such a relatively small event –  a bunch of mats and some rare promos saw pretty much everyone walk away happy! Special thanks to Damien and Good Games for hosting.

So many prizes!

So many prizes!

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