Goblin Hunters Kickstarter Interview & Game Preview!


(The  4 available characters, Thief – Top Left, Cleric – Top Right, Mage- Bottom Left, Paladin- bottom right,  all with unique abilities)

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of sitting down with Mr Ray Williams, a Brisbane game designer whose current Kickstarter project is nearing the half-way mark of completion. Ray’s game, known as ‘Golbin Hunters’, started as a project Ray developed in the hopes of filling in the time while waiting for his friends to arrive for their weekly Dungeons and Dragons sessions. This fast paced, incredibly fun, fantasy Goblin-slaying game is currently available to be backed on Kickstarter at this link https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/munji/goblin-hunters. I was lucky enough to sit down with Ray to play the game and ask him a tonne of questions about the game and his plans for future development!

The Game:

Ray first asked me to mention the price and I think it’s only fair as it is incredibly affordable and offers a great deal for those overseas. The game will retail at $20 AU and $15 US as Ray was very adamant that he wanted everyone to feel like they were getting the most from the game!

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Goblin Hunters is a 2-4 player Fantasy themed Collection-based card & board game that encourages battling and messing with your friends in hopes of being the first player to reach 20 Goblin Kills. The game is generally very quick, I was lucky enough to play test the game 4 times and in total we were finished in under an hour of play time. The standard deck contains 26 cards, with 4 unique card types as seen above.

Your choice begins at Character Selection, where you choose a class that you want to play as, each with a different special ability that affects you each turn.  Your heroes will spend their round going on a “Goblin Hunt” in hopes of  capturing the most Goblins out of all those in your team. This hunt stops once you receive a total of 3 damage or “wounds” for the round and you lose your current progression. Each player will draw 2 cards every time they wish to go on a hunt, calculating their points with +1 movement on the board for each Captured Goblin/Red Goblin and a stacking Wounds counter that goes up to 3. Red Goblins uphold the games “Set collection” theme and capturing a total of 3 or more in any 1 round will give you a bonus point for the round. This promotes quick fire games and allows you to make an incredible combo, or fall back to town early to recuperate! Be careful though, if you risk it all in hopes of grabbing those 2 extra points from the top of the deck you may find yourself bludgeoned by Goblins instead! The real hook of this game however is the “betting” mechanic the game offers it’s players, which allows players to wager their hard-earned points in order to bet against friends. Imagine sitting in a tavern with your friends before a big adventure, laughing and joking that one of them may not even capture a SINGLE Goblin for the entire round. This mechanic allows the game to take an even faster turn, as guessing correctly how many Goblins your friend will slay (0-2, 3-4, or 5+) will net you 2 extra movements forward. Guessing wrong however will result in you moving back 1 square and allowing your friends to boost ahead of you!


The game boasts a playable set of 6 current characters, with more in development. As a result, each character can impact the game in it’s own way and will provide an enjoyable experience that makes you want to come back for more. I found most fun was had when the character you selected was at random, letting fate decide who your adventurer was for this week. Much like a game of Dungeons and Dragons, the heroes are who you make them and the Role-playing element certainly was not lost on Ray and myself.


Final thoughts: 

I had an extremely enjoyable time with this game, Ray was kind enough to take time from his schedule to meet with us and as a result I wanted to extend a major thank you for allowing me the pleasure of playing Goblin Hunters. I am no stranger to fantasy style games and I must admit it fits the mold perfectly as a game used to pass the time with friends. With not long left now on the KickStarter, Ray is getting closer and closer to his total and we hope that after reading this you will be convinced as I was to purchase this game in the coming days. I wish Ray and the team at Munji Studios all the best of luck with this endeavour and I look forward to seeing what goals can be reached in the coming weeks!

We also wanted Ray to have the option to credit his artist on the project, so if you are a fan of the fantastic and intricate artwork I suggest checking out our links below!

Fábio Fontes

Deviantart: http://fontesmakua.deviantart.com/

Website: http://ranterworks.com/


This concludes our review of Goblin Hunters, from the team at ATGN we want to thank you for reading! You can find me on Twitter @Bodehhh and ATGN @ATGNTweets.

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