Gauntlet Netrunner Store Championship

Netrunner’s Fear and Loathing Edition in BrisVegas.


Winner – Rory

Howdy Netrunner fans and welcome to my first installment reporting for Australian Tabletop Gaming Network! First of all a shout out to Toby at ATGN for running another quality event which has drawn players to compete from all over Brisbane. This was the last Netrunner tournament at the Gauntlet store before it closes and the league shifts. This means the winner here would be immortalised with a title that could never be challenged. It was great to see some of the 14 players travelling a significant distance to make it on a Tuesday night, unable to resist the lure of eternal fame. The numbers clearly showcased that LCGs are ever increasing in popularity here in Brisvegas.

You always know you are at Gauntlet the moment you cross the threshold due to the noise! The boisterous, rowdy and fun-loving nature of the inhabitants sets the tone for the event and the non-regulars are quickly drawn in. There was none of this hushed tense silence business, but rather plenty of buzzing chatter interspersed with cries of triumph or groans of despair increasing the drama of successful runs or flat lines! There was the traditional cry of ‘Mr Li’ every time the card was used and the quote of the night goes to an extremely exasperated Irish (Hodgkinson David) ‘Running is hard enough, stop making it so difficult Lin Htat’. There may have been colourful language used, albeit good naturedly bringing a round of laughter from the onlookers.

This was the first local tournament that had Fear and Loathing thrown into the mix and let’s have a look at whether this affected deck construction IDs:

Corp: Weyland BaBW: 5, HB EtF: 3, NBN TWIY: 3, NBN BN: 1, Weyland: BWBI 1

Runner: Andi: 5, Gabe: 3, Kate: 2, Chaos Theory: 1, Reina: 1, Noise: 1

The honours for the Gauntlet Store Championship and a first round bye into the regionals went to Rory Cartwright. Rory came 2nd at the Ace Store Championship and was well pleased to at last take the honours after 4 really tough rounds. Just to give an idea of how close it was any of, perhaps, 5 players had a chance coming into the last round! Rory finished on 12 points and Alan Knight, Malcolm Rixon, Chris Hudson and Andru Rodger all finished on 10 points. When I interviewed the newly crowned Store Champ afterwards he had this to say about tonight’s event:

Andru: Congratulations Rory. So how did you find F&L influencing the decks tonight? Any additions to your decks or surprises with the new cards added to the card pool?
Rory: Yes I did, I substituted a Subliminal Messaging for a Bean Stalks and Green Level Clearance and added a Vulcan Cover-up.

Andru: Which card would you nominate as your star player tonight?
Rory: Definitely Power Shutdown.

Andru: Now that you have seen the meta and the decks out there; in hindsight would you make any changes to your decks at all?
Rory: I would add another Power Shutdown.

Now here comes the main event. Click here for footage of the last round edited by Benjamin Jurss@Little Fish Media and commentary by Ben and myself.

And last but by no means least here are the Champ’s decklists :

Weland – BaBW
2 x The Cleaners
2 x Geothermal Fracking
3 x Project Atlas
3 x Hostile Takeover
1 s Vulcan Cover Up

2 x Power Shutdown
1 x SEA Source
3 x Scorched earth
2 x Beanstalk
2 x Subliminal Messaging
2 x Green Level Clearance
3 x Hedge Fund

3 x Jackson Howard
3 x Snare
1 x Project Junebug

3 x Grim
3 x Archer
3 x Ice Wall
1 x Wall of Static
2 x Bastion
3 x Enigma
2 x Chimera

Gabriel Santiago:
3 x Account Siphon
3 x Inside Job
3 x Emergency Shutdown
3 x Dirty Laundry
3 x Special Order
3 x Sure Gamble
1 x Indexing

3 x Armitage
3 x Same Old Thing

2 x Plascrete
3 x Desperado
1 x E3 Feedback Implant

ICE Breakers:
2 x Corroder
1 x Yog
1 x Femme Fatale
1 x Mimic
3 x Knight
3 x Faerie

3 x Sneakadoor Beta

Stay Tuned for the Chronos Protocol commentary.


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