Gauntlet II (Warhammer 40k) @ Pinkenba Hotel – Sunday 2nd June

The Pinkenba Hotel played host to the Gauntlet II (No association with the store in Wynnum or the old video game) Warhammer 40k competition, on Saturday and Sunday of last weekend.  The gents were rocking 1850 point armies.  All missions used First Blood, Warlord and Linebreaker when adding up VP.  Normal Rulebook mission rules applied and mysterious objectives were used in all missions.


Big congrats to Ali Haidar, Simon Grovich and Wes Graham, who came in first, second and third!  I got to score an interview with Ali Haidar after the game, check it!

Kasey: Hey Ali! Congratulations on coming first in the tournament.

Ali: Thank you very much.

Kasey: So Ali, tell me, what inspired you when you when it came to composing your masterpiece of a Necron army.

Ali: The composition basically, I thought I would come with something that’s a little easier than what I came with last time because this is a composition based tournament.  The thing about it is, what I wanted was to have a good ‘all-rounder’ without being too much over the top in every major department.

I always wanted to make sure I had a choice in everything it’s part of making it easy.  So I had 2 elites, 2 heavy support, I had the troops. Everything there.  But the main thing that got it for me was all of the melee, basically I have a lot of things that were melee, and that to me is the main weakness of Necrons, they just get smashed.  So I wanted them to get close to me, that’s exactly what I need them to do, because I smash face, and that’s what people don’t expect.

Kasey: Awesome, so tell me a little bit more about the strategy behind playing your army.

Ali: Basically the idea is stay back, hide and on turn two or three everything teleports to them. Again nobody expects this. I don’t know if people don’t know the army very well, a lot of people don’t realise how quickly I can get there. I just come out and I’ve got 4 units, up to 5 if I wanted to, that can just split apart and I have 5 units that can kill anything I need.  And that’s the idea.

With my vehicles, they’re skimmers but I move about 18 inches, so first turn, if I need to, I’ll move up all the way and just open fire on everything. Again nobody expects this.

Kasey: Have you noticed any weaknesses or changes you think you’ll need to make on your army?

Ali: Absolutely! This is an army that’s meant to be easy to deal with, if it’s split apart. That’s why I try to show them that I’m castled up right at the start, and I basically split when I feel that I’m comfortable. So if they can split my army that basically gives them everything. And that’s how I lost, the one game that I did lose. I hadn’t split, because I was hiding, knowing that a lot of fire was about to come at me. So from hiding in the back, I couldn’t get to my main force, which quickly took out a 3rd of my army. That was what lost me the game, there was no coming back after that. Demons are way too quick for me, they are bane of my existence.

Kasey: Well it looks like you had a lot of surprises in under your belt today and congratulations on winning with what is a really well thought out army.

Ali: No worries Kasey. Thanks.



Ali Haidar’s Army List

HQ – 535

Nemesor Zahndrekh – 185

Varguard Obyron – 160

Destroyer Lord – 190


-Sempiternal Weave

-Mindshackle Scarabs

-Res Orb


Troops – 323

7x Immortals Tesla (Heroes) – 119

6x Immortals Tesla (Misfits) – 102

6x Immortals Tesla (Gun Nuts) – 102


Elites – 440

C’tan Shard – 240

Swarm of Spirit Dust

Writhing Worldscape

Triarch Praetorians (rods) – 200


Fast Attack –  270

5x Tomb Blades Tesla – 150

Shield Vanes

4x Tomb Blades Tesla – 120

Shield Vanes


Heavy Support – 180

Annihalation Barge Gauss Cannon – 90

Annihalation Barge Gauss Cannon – 90


Dedicated Transport – 100

Night Scythe (Heroes) – 100


TOTAL – 1848



Trophies were awarded to Dave Kerr (Players Choice), Andy Ragg (Best Sports), Matt Daniels (Best Painted), Pat Carter (Best General).

The tournament results then go as follows:

1. Ali Haidar

2. Simon Govich

3. Wes Graham

4. Ben Avis

5. Pat Carter

6. Wes Harriott

7. Rod Franze

8. Mark Long

9. Matt Daniels

10. Rob Harvatt

11. Kevin Vidgen

12. Bevan Marks

13. Dave Kerr

14. Adrian Navie

15. Nick Standing

16. Ben Sharpe

17. Andy Ragg

18. Hayden Walduck

19. Gary Levitt

20. Glenn Blair

21. Neal Ross

22.Gareth Combes

23. Adam Nordberg

24. James Allen

Overall, fantastic day, fantastic players and a fantastic win by Ali Haidar!  For more information regarding the Gauntlet events head over to the Wargamer AU forums here.


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