What is Games Workshop up to?

I’ve posted some articles before on some of the things that Games Workshop have for sale, along with some of the very high prices associated with those products. One of them was on the Astartes Ultra army you can buy from them, almost seventeen and a half grand of Ultra-marines. That is a lot of models, but a lot more money to pay for it. Sure, there is a saving, buying in bulk and all, but ponying up that sort of dough in one go for models is a little much. The products I will be showing in this article today are not that expensive, they still cost a lot, a lot more than I could ever justify spending on those sorts of things in one go.


First of all, I want to present a new item to hit their shelves, the Wall of Martyrs – Tempestus Firebase. This is a piece of scenery for Warhammer 40k.

Wall of Matyrs - Tespestus Firebase - $270

Wall of Matyrs – Tespestus Firebase – $270


Only $270? I’ll take two! How about some paints? You say ‘Paints are not expensive, whatever this is, it will be cheap’, but remember, there are 144 paints…

Citadel Ultimate Paint Set – $730


The cost of the paints works out at about $5 a pot, so only a small saving over all. Next on the list is some Warhammer Fantasy Battle terrain and game board.


Warhammer Legendary Battlefield – $991


The game board is $450 alone, so maybe worth it. The 40k version is next, and even more.


Warhammer 40,000 Legendary Battlefield – $1,435


So those are some of the newest things that have come out. Not all of them will last, of course, most of these deals are for the Christmas period only, like the paint set. A paint set like the one above comes out every year around this time. But the pricing on these things are huge. Don’t get me wrong here, Games Workshop do make a top quality product. But I don’t know if the prices reflect that accurately. I’ve seen other miniatures that are just as good, if not sometimes better, for lower prices. Sure, a hard player base could afford these sorts of thing, but what about younger players? I’m sure that there are younger players devoted to these games just as much as as some of the older ones, but have no chance of ever getting some of these things.

Does anyone else have any views on these sorts of things that GW are putting up? Or on other things they are doing?

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