Games Workshop – Tools, FAQs and a New Site

New out of the box from Games Workshop is a re-vamped set of Citadel Tools. Things like the clippers, drill, files and so on. They have a very stylised look to them, as the vast majority of GW accoutrement that goes along with their games. Cost is like most of GWs items, quite expensive, $32 for the set of clippers alone. There is a full kit that has the clippers, drill, file set, knife, sculpting set and mouldline remover all contained in a foldout canvas wallet. $162 set for that whole kit. Reports are that there are only 1000 of the kits per country, with some of those other countries already being sold out. The Australian GW site does not say that the big kits are sold out at the time of writing, so if you want one of those, maybe you should get in quick.

Re-vamped White Dwarf magazine, re-vamped tools, re-vamped paints and now re-vamped site. Want to buy something from the site? Sure, yeah, easy. Click some buttons and you are ready to go. Want some hobby tips? How about some news? Maybe some FAQs and Errata? Sorry, can’t help you there. Well at least not at first. Took me a significant amount of time to find the news section, because it wasn’t labeled as news. Even then, the news is mostly just advertisements on new products, always having the sidebar showing the item with an ‘Add to Cart’ button in easy clicking distance. But the FAQs…that was a different story. I couldn’t find them at all. It took less work to find an article from another site where the author had managed to find those FAQs. I followed his directions and located them…on another site completely.

To find the FAQs, you have to go to the Black Library site (which I associated with the fiction side of the Warhammer universes), then click on the Games Workshop – Digital Editions tab, and then there will be a button. It seems to be that the only thing that the main GW site is for now is to buy things, and nothing else.

You can go to the FAQs page here, just so you don’t have to go to the hassle of trying to find it – WHFB and WH40K FAQs.

To top this off, I have found out that GW has removed pretty much all of its social media presence. The main Facebook page for GW disappeared about a year ago, but other channels still existed. Not any more. The Forgeworld, Digital Editions and Black Library Facebook pages have been pulled, as well as the Black Library Twitter account. Even my RSS feed has seen no activity in 17 days. It seems that if you want anything from GW, you are going to have to pay for it through White Dwarf, it seems.

GW seems to be folding in on itself more and more, isolating itself from all channels until only the very specific ones they want remain, ones they can grub money from. They have always been a very tight-lipped company anyway, but it is heading to extremes now. I am unsure why GW is doing all this, I can only think of one answer….


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