Games Workshop – A “Good” year?

Recent times have seen Games Workshop doing some very interesting things, such as pulling down their Facebook presence, stripping down their store staff to only a single person, and then having those stores open less hours, and as I discovered, completely shutting off all their RSS feeds.


I’ve mentioned their drop in share prices before, but a few days ago, Games Workshop reported that its pre-tax profits for the year had fallen by £9 m, down to £12.3 m. Revenues have slumped from £134.6 m in 2013 to £123.5 m this year.

Now, most people would think this is a bad thing, CEOs and so on generally like more money coming in, not less. But, it would seem, not Tom Kirby, chairman and acting chief executive of Games Workshop. He was quoted saying “Games Workshop has had a really good year”.

Wait…huh? How is falling profits a good year? However, Tom did follow up with “If your measure of ‘good’ is the current year’s numbers, you may not agree”.

I would like to know, Tom, what makes a good year by your opinion? And our readers, your thoughts?

I’ll finish with an amusing comic-meme I came across.


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