A Game of Thrones 2016 Store Championship Report – GUF Brisbane


On Saturday, Queensland kicked off its first ever store championship for the newly minted A Game of Thrones 2nd Edition LCG. There was a modest turnout of ten players, which represented only a fraction of the active Brisbane player base. Some players cited a relatively young meta as being the culprit for such low numbers while others still pointed their fingers squarely at Fantasy Flight Games for massively dropping the ball when it came to shipping the prize support to Australia on time. Regardless, a fun time was had by all.

No two players ran exactly the same deck type so there were ten relatively unique decks brought to the table, which is surprising to see in such a young meta. Players and their decks were as follows:

Marcus Costello – House Targaryen: Banner of the Lion

Tobias Ford – House Tyrell: Banner of the Sun

Steve Harris – House Martell: Banner of the Rose

Dan Smith – The Nightswatch: Banner of the Stag

Nick Stone – House Baratheon: Banner of the Rose

Charles Thorp – House Baratheon: Fealty

Dianne Thorp – House Lannister: Fealty

Gemma Tyler – House Baratheon: Banner of the Lion

Glenn Tyler – House Lannister: Banner of the Rose

Lachlan Tyler – House Greyjoy: Fealty

With ten players participating, the event called for 4 rounds of swiss with no top cut, making for a fairly short day. The event began at 11am and was finished by 3:30pm. So this is how the day went:

Round 1

Charles 5 v Dan 0

Nick 5 v Gemma 0

Steve 0 v Marcus 5

Lachlan 0 v Dianne 5

Glenn 4 v Tobias 1

Dan had been a fan of the original game back in the day and he was up against a connoisseur of card games in Charles “Chuck” Thorp. Chuck’s puritan version of the Baratheon kneel strategy fired strongly against Dan and he had very little chance. Chuck’s deck got to 15 power while Dan’s Nightswatch had none. Gemma was up against it when she faced off against a veteran of the first edition in Nick. Nick was running a reliable deck built solely using two cores and made a very strong case for its viability. Nick defeated Gemma quite soundly in the end. Marcus come to the tournament expecting most players to be running Baratheon builds but when he faced Steve he had a very different battle with his Martell deck. Marcus got his “Buddy Cop” combo out by turn three and his strategy of weathering the storm then counter attacking saw him grind out a solid victory. Dianne was up against Lachlan. Dianne was using a very strong deck designed by Chuck and she piloted it well. She defeated Lachlan’s deck after he put up a convincing fight. Finally Glenn and Tobias butted heads. Their game was a close one and was fought for the entirety of the 55 minute time limit. In the end Glenn was the player who was ahead in power so the modified win went to him.

Round 2

Dan 1 v Gemma 4

Lachlan 0 v Tobias 5

Dianne 1 v Steve 4

Nick 5 v Marcus 0

Charles 5 Glenn 0

Round 2 saw some more fierce battles rage. Dan’s lack of knowledge of tournament structure cost him dearly when time was called. He thought that when time was called he had to complete his current action then stop, not realising he actually was allowed to finish the round. Gemma wasn’t aware of the rules either so she didn’t think to question it. It meant that on a turn that Dan could possibly have won he ended up losing by 1 power. Tobias swept Lachlan, who had been having a tough run against quality opponents. Steve and Dianne’s battle was nothing short of epic but Steve escaped with the modified win. After a turn 1 mistake set him solidly on the backfoot, Marcus succumbed to Nick’s powerful Baratheon deck despite not having seen Rob or Melisandre. Chuck had another solid victory against the not-to-be-underestimated Glenn.

Round 3

Marcus 5 v Tobias 0

Glenn 5 v Dianne 0

Steve 0 v Gemma 5

Dan 0 v Lachlan 5

Chuck 0 v Nick 5

Marcus v Tobias could very well have been game of the tournament. It was such an arm wrestle. Tobias was denying icons and Marcus was slaying chuds but after some desperate power denial Marcus was able to score his 15th power in the dominance phase of the 9th plot. Glenn swept Dianne and Gemma swept Steve in an impressive display. Lachlan’s Greyjoys snuck past Dan for the win. Chuck and Nick’s battle was shaping up to be a heavyweight clash but Nick’s deck fired first and claimed the victory.

Round 4

Steve 5 v Lachlan 0

Dan 0 v Tobias 5

Marcus 5 v Dianne 0

Charles 5 v Gemma 0

Nick 5 v Glenn 0

Players were getting into the swing of things now so the number of results that went to time had fallen to zero. Steve was too strong for Lachlan, Tobias was too strong for Dan and Chuck defeated Gemma. Marcus had an unfortunately high dose of luck against Dianne and came away with a solid victory while Nick, who had been breaking hearts all day, downed his 4th victim in Glenn.

Final Standings

  1. Nick 20
  2. Charles 15
  3. Marcus 15
  4. Glenn 10
  5. Gemma 10
  6. Tobias 10
  7. Steve 10
  8. Dianne 5
  9. Lachlan 5
  10. Dan 0

This tournament was powered by internet-based tournament software Challonge, however it doesn’t calculate strength of schedule properly. Taking official strength of schedule into consideration the ladder looks more like this:

  1. Nick 20
  2. Marcus 15 (SoS: 45)
  3. Charles 15 (40)
  4. Glenn 10 (50)
  5. Gemma 10 (45)
  6. Steve 10 (35)
  7. Tobias 10 (30)
  8. Dianne 5 (40)
  9. Lachlan 5 (25)
  10. Dan 0

The only difference is that Chuck and Marcus swap positions, which makes no difference prize support wise but a huge difference bragging rights wise and Steve and Tobias swap positions which again has no baring on prize allocation.

So how do the factions stack up against each other?


Baratheon is strong, there’s no doubt about it. Kneeling characters shuts decks down completely so games against Bara kneel become a race to see who gets their pieces together first. 3 players ran some form of Baratheon deck and their combined win-losses equal 75% which matches Targaryen’s win rate. Next most effective were Tyrell and Martell which are normally good supporting factions. Nightswatch didn’t seem to be competitive on the day at all.

So, a massive congratulations goes to Nick for being Brisbane’s first ever Store Championship winner! To the victor goes the spoils: the trophy, mat, deck box, alt art cards and first round bye to regionals. Also to the victor go the spoilers! Here’s his deck list:

House Baratheon: Banner of the Rose


Wildfire Assault

A Clash of Kings

Marched to the Wall

Marching Orders

A Feast for Crows

Calm over Westeros

A Noble Cause


King’s Hunting Party x2

Robert Baratheon x2

Ser Davos Seaworth x2

Melisandre x2

Vanguard Lancer x2

Maester Cressen x2

Selyse Baratheon x2

Courtesan of the Rose x2

Olenna’s Informant x2

Maester Lomys

Left x2

Stanis Baratheon x2

Dragonstone Faithful x2

Shrine Baratheon x2

Fiery Followers x2

Bastard in Hiding x2

Margaery Tyrell

The Knight of Flowers

Right x2

Little Bird

Lightbringer x2

Milk of the Poppy x2

Dragonstone Port x2

The Red Keep x2

Chamber of the Painted Table

The Kingsroad x2

The Roseroad x2

The Iron Throne

The Bear and the Maiden Fair x2

Consolidation of Power x2

Ours is the Fury x2

Superior Claim x2

Seen in Flames x2

Well, that’s it for this report. Stay tuned for more coverage of the 2016 LCG Store Championship Season. We still have a number of events on our radar including the following:

GG Spring Hill – Warhammer 40K Conquest Store Championship
Sunday February 14th 2016

Ace Comics – Star Wars Store Championship
Saturday February 20th 2016

Ace Comics – Android: Netrunner Store Championship
Sunday February 21st 2016

GUF – Warhammer 40K Conquest Store Championship
Saturday February 27th 2016

GG Spring Hill – Android: Netrunner Store Championship
Saturday March 5th 2016

GG Spring Hill – Star Wars Armada Store Championship
Sunday March 6th 2016

GUF – Android: Netrunner Store Championship
Saturday March 12th 2016

Ace Comics – Warhammer 40K Conquest Store Championship
Saturday March 19th 2016

GG Spring Hill – A Game of Thrones Store Championship
Sunday March 20th 2016

GUF – Star Wars Store Championship
Saturday March 26th 2016


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