Friday Night Magic (24/5/13) @ Gauntlet, Wynnum

A day overdue but here it is! The recap for FNM at Gauntlet. The night was standard, and it was a good turn out. I actually played this time around and it was incredibly fun and I believe everyone else feels the same way. It rolled around to 7p.m., pairing were called. Game faces on. It’s show time.

Everyone preparing for the rounds.

Gauntlet players had the chance to play with their block Guild decks (that are used for Guild Wars) to score double points. Much to the surprise of a lot of people, an Azorius Guild deck blitzed its competition and placed numero uno. The man behind it all was Mike, piloting a deck he likes to call “American Rejects” – or as Toby strongly suggests – “British Empire”. Here’s a peek at Mike’s decklist:

Creatures: 8
4x Guttersnipe
4x Lyev Skyknight

Enchantments: 7
3x Detention Sphere
2x Assemble the Legion
2x Blind Obedience

Instants: 18
3x Azorius Charm
3x Mizzium Skin
4x Cyclonic Rift
2x Rootborn Defenses
3x Counterflux
3x Render Silent

Sorcery: 5
3x Supreme Verdict
2x Mizzium Mortars

Land: 22
4x Mountain
5x Island
5x Plains
4x Steam Vents
4x Hallowed Fountain

2x Jace, Architect of Thought
3x Ascended Lawmage
3x Sundering Growth
1x Rootborn Defenses
1x Punish the Enemy
3x Riot Control
2x Dispel

I got to catch up with Mike after placements were called and prizes given out. Here’s the short interview:

Ahoy Mike, congratulations on winning.

Mike: Thanks.

Okay first off, what was your inspiration for your deck?

Mike: The inspiration was from my normal standard deck with similar mechanics but more based on Guttersnipe pings, Rootborn Defenses and board wipes. Once Guild Wars was announced I had to refine it and take out anything that wasn’t in the Return to Ravnica block while trying to maintain the decks strong points.

Neat. What do you think makes your deck strong?

Mike: I would have to say Guttersnipe is my favorite and main win condition. The frustration on people’s faces just makes it worth while. With all the protection in the deck it’s very easy to keep them ’em the board and dealing two damage every time someone tries to remove them. It’s a lot of fun to play and the looks on people’s faces when I Supreme Verdict and in response Rootborn Defenses, saving my own Guttersnipe, they take 4 from its trigger, then I can freely swing in for another 2 damage from Guttersnipe himself. If Guttersnipe fails, Assemble the Legion can get a little out of hand, and I have a Lyev to do a bit of beating too.

Interesting. What do you think your deck’s weaknesses are?

Mike: I had a lot of trouble with Skylasher, being pro-blue I can’t really do much about them so having Mizzium Mortars helped out. But then again, so do 10 1/1 Soldiers with haste. Also RUG Flash is like walking a tightrope. Having to control the control while still being able to beat down is very hard to achieve. Boros can also be annoying but a turn 2 Blind Obedience into a turn 4 board wipe fixes aggro right up.

That Legion looks like it definitely got out of hand. Anyway how did you go for your matches tonight?

Mike: I went 2-0 every game.

Very nice! What were the match-ups like?

Mike: First match up was mill. I hate mill more than I hate infect but again with the Snipe on the field all I had to do was dodge the mill with the counters. Simic aggro was an interesting match but I sealed the deal with a few board wipes. Third round was another Simic deck but this was a heavy control, almost tempo, with Skylasher/Master Biomancer beat down. Lucky for me I had Mizzium Mortars in opening hand and with a mid game overload took that one out. Lastly was another aggro deck this time a Gruul mix with a splash of white for Boros Charms. First game was pretty easy – a second turn Blind Obedience into a 4th turn board wipe, and that was pretty much it. Second game was tough, had to take a mulligan and didn’t draw into a blind obedience at all had forced me to burn 2 Supreme’s and overload a Mizzium Mortars. Then I drew my Assemble the Legion and from there proceeded to bounce his field and swing in the the 1/1 hasty soldiers.

Well played sir, well played. Lastly, since you were playing a block deck, how do you feel about standard once Innistrad block rotates out?

Mike: Well I’m going to miss my Cackling Counterpart/Guttersnipe combo mixed with Tamyo emblem. Oh and I’ll also miss rewind, but I don’t think it will effect me too much.

Well thanks for that champ. Congrats again. Looking forward to seeing you play this brutal deck a bit more.

Mike: Thank you.


Cameron (Possibilty Storm/Staff of WIN) vs. Ben (Naya Blitz)

After the interview wrapped up, I ventured over to a few people doing a draft. They were playing Les’ Cube draft. The Cube is pretty much everything you’ve ever wanted to play with in a draft.

Les’ Cube in action. Chris recurring Strip Mine to blow out Nathaniel’s land.

Power Nine? In there. Swords, Jitte and whatnot? In there too. If you want to see what Les’ Cube is all about, head down to Gauntlet for your next FNM and participate in it (usually played before or after FNM which starts at 7p.m.).

Alrighty folks, that’s it from me for this FNM recap. It’s Modern at Gauntlet next week, so remember to bring strongest decks and best game faces cause it’s show time.

I hope you all had fun at your FNMs.
Tapping out,

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