Friday Night Magic (17/5/13) @ Gauntlet, Wynnum

Be prepared for some beyond midnight FNM recap. The FNM at Gauntlet was booster draft – Return to Ravnica, Gatecrash, and Dragon’s Maze – so a fun night was to be had drafting the block. Being a booster draft I decided to not even worry about decklist(s) and over the few games that I did spectate, I saw a bit of a “maybe” Esper (blue/black/white) control drafted up, and a few of those Beetleform Mage’s – which I think are amazing in limited – popping up here and there. But with all that said, the true stand-out and placing first tonight was Nick with his red/black aggro that he drafted. After results were called, and prizes I managed a brief interview with Nick about what he drafted and why.

Good evening Nick. First off congratulations on winning.

Nick: Evening, and thanks.

So basically, what did you draft tonight?

Nick: I drafted a red/black unleashed themed deck with small creatures and lots of aggro.

Awesome. What kind of cards stood out to you that you drafted instantly?

Nick: Just the cheap unleashed cards such as Gore-House Chainwalker and the Rakdos Drake. Just things that have a small cost that give you two or three power.

So some beaters with a little bit of built in evasion to go over the top?

Nick: Yep, that’s it.

So was there any kind of match up that you struggled a bit with or was it all pretty breezy?

Nick: Well because I was only running 14 land, the main struggle was just trying to get out to play my main beaters. That and if my opponent got two or more creatures on the board by about turn four and I didn’t have the land out, well I was a bit stuffed.

Understandable. Was there any specific card that caused a few nightmares?

Nick: Not really. It was just if they got creatures out early, that was the biggest issue I came up against.

Exava, Rakdos Blood Witch

Seeing as you were playing Rakdos, I can only assume that you drafted into an Exava, Rakdos Blood Witch or Rakdos, Lord of Riots?

Nick: Yeah I managed to draft an Exava. She is pretty great.

I’d imagine so. She seems to synergise well with unleashed especially. Anyway, thanks for the interview and again, congratulations on coming first tonight.

Nick: Thank you.


Overall tonight was an interesting night. Next week is Standard for Friday Night Magic so feel free to come down to Gauntlet @ Wynnum (right next to Wynnum North train station or you can find more information here). You can expect a more in-depth coverage for a constructed format.

I hope you all enjoyed your FNMs.
Until next time guys & girls,
– Lochlan


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