Friday Night Magic (17/5/13) @GameTraders Logan Hyperdome

fnmFriday night at Gametraders Logan can mean only one thing.  FNM!  With a huge turnout of 30 players the room really was packed full of action! Kicking off at 6:30 there was a great atmosphere and good sense of community coming from the players.  With a decent amount of first-timers the regulars didn’t hesitate to jump in and give them a hand.

FNM this week was Standard and after the release of Dragons Maze and the phasing out of guild specific decks I had a lot of players saying they were experimenting with their decks and going tri-colourered, or just trying to mix it up with something they hadn’t seen before.  The general consensus was that they weren’t very excited about Dragons Maze and that we’re really hoping M14 can bring out some fresh ideas.

Sadly the top two ranking players for the evening had to grab their prizes and split at the end of the night and I wasn’t able to snag an interview or a decklist.  Next week though, regardless of where I am, I’ll make sure to bundle the winner into a corner and poke them with sticks until they give me an interview.

– Kasey
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