Force of Will: Echoes of the New World – Box Wars, Thoughts & Give-Away!

Echoes of the New World

Thanks to the incredible generosity of the folks at OzAnimart (who supply and organise Force of Will here in Australia), we kindly received not one but TWO Echoes of the New World booster boxes to crack open and talk about. Rather than simply point a camera at a table and rip open packs (boring!) we decided to invite two of Brisbane’s locals to the table for a chat. Both Jono (long time player and all-round good guy) and Archie (long time player and FoW Judge) joined Lin and myself for some box wars!

The rules were pretty simple. Lin and I would both open our packs and reveal the rare. Jono and Archie would then pick the better card and give a reason as to why. While I hadn’t thought of keeping track of scores initially Jono grabbed a pen and the competition began in earnest.

So grab a drink, get comfortable, and we hope you enjoy. The first ~60 minutes are unboxing followed by our thoughts on Echoes of the New World, Lapis Cluster and the current Meta.

As I mentioned in the video, I’m giving away my buy-a-box promotional card ‘Heavenly Gust’.  For your chance to win, simply make a post in the comment section below with your thoughts on Echoes of the New World.  This competition closes midday on Saturday the 22nd July. Sorry to our international friends, but this competition is for Australian residents only.

Meanwhile, if you haven’t gotten involved in Force of Will yet, you should definitely do so! Here are a bunch of useful links to get you started:

Force of Will Australia Facebook Page –
Force of Will Australia Facebook Group –
List of Australian stores selling Force of Will –
Official Force of Will Website –
OzAnimart Website –

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