Force of Will: Ancient Nights Spreadsheet Review

Kicking off Force of Will’s Reiya Cluster is Ancient Nights. It introduces some new races and mechanics. Many of the cards printed in this set correlate to the starter theme decks released a couple weeks back. The five attribute starter decks are buffed from Ancient Nights, but that’s not all the set has to offer. Woven throughout, is some highly rated cards that will make waves in the competitive metagame.

One prevalent team, which started as a deck building group, is Quickcast TCG. They do a comprehensive review focused on the competitive metagame each set released. This time each card is rated out of five stars, not just on their individual power, but on how they will see play in the next three months. The review is a prediction and opinion of proposed competitive play. These reviews are often a fantastic place to start for new players who are looking to become more competitive.


Stars are broken down by the following:

  • 1 Star: Unplayable, or insignificant amount of play
  • 2 Star: Will see play for some time but ultimately will become unpopular
  • 3 Star: In a tier 3 deck, or occasional tech choice
  • 4 Star: In a tier 2 deck, or a defining aspect of a tier 3 deck, or in multiple of the tier 3 decks
  • 5 Star: Will see play in tier 1 decks, or a defining aspect of a tier 2 deck, or in wide variety of competitive decks


Click here to access the public spreadsheet.

The highest rated cards are as follows:

5 Star cards: Arrow Trap, Faerur’s Spell.

4 Star cards: Keez’s Call, Spinning Aquasol, Wind Blade, and Bloodspray.


A massive thank you to the Quickcast team for a monster effort. Steven, Archie, and Ronan – three of Australia’s FOW Judges. Adam and Archie – placed 2nd and 3rd at Sydney GP 2017.  You can follow them over on Facebook here. These guys give their opinion on what’s to come in the next three months!



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