Force of Will: Advent of the Demon King Box Opening!

Force of Will brings us Advent of the Demon King, the second set from Reiya Cluster. We’ve been generously given a booster box to open and review by Ozanimart, the distributor of Force of Will in Australia! After opening the box and tinkering with some deck ideas, I decided to list my “Top 5” cards of the set.

My top five from the set are as follows:

5: Optional Possession
This card is versatile. Giving a key word with a buff seems to be standard combat tricks, but the difference here is the remnant ability. In a cancel spell and barrier meta, we want the ability to play this from the graveyard and we want to target our own things. This card plays around the proposed meta environment and should see some play despite being Water attribute.

4: Frayla, Servant of Demon Fire
Frayla’s first ability is okay, but the second automatic ability is the reason why she’s potent. At the end of turn, you will banish whatever she buffs and this works well with rulers like Lumia and Frayla, or anything else reoccurring. Essentially it gives another resonator swiftness for free, and that’s strong.

3: True Blade of Spirits
Sacred Elf is arguably the best turn 1 play in the current meta game. Otherworld Dreams is a nice follow up after the Elf, and so is True Blade of Spirits. This card has remnant which is amazing despite the limit on what it can target. Often times I’ve build a Wind deck wanting a Lightning Strike to ping, and now I have that. This kills all turn 1 plays your opponent could make while establishing your board and resources.

2: Jeanne d’Arc, Mad Maiden
Whenever a card says “Cannot be destroyed”, it needs to be respected. The requirements for this effect isn’t difficult since it counts itself, and counts J/resonators, not just OTHER resonators. In Fox, you already have Demonic Dead and a J-ruler that cannot be interacted with. Maybe Jeanne finds a home in that deck. The other strength of Jeanne is she does -100/-100 counters for damage. These don’t leave at the end of turn, so it can be considered permanent damage! It’s an incredible way to poke an Imperishable ruler. A Darkness zoo aggro-control archetype
was nearly there in the likes of Mikage back in Lapis cluster. Maybe this is enough to push the idea to competitive play!

1: Otherworld Dreams
One cost cancel an opponent’s spell. This is the meta defining card of Advent of the Demon King. It’s an uncommon, but in this box I only found 2! If the deck is Wind, it will include Otherworld Dreams. It’s incredible along side Severing Winds. The kicker here is that the second card must be played from the hand, so the opponent cannot use a remnant card for free after being cancelled by Otherworld. You can back up the control with Severing Winds, another popular Wind control spell. These two cards will play havoc on the meta game for another 10 months!

In this box we pulled 2 Secret Rare Full arts, 5 Rare Full Arts, and plenty of great support following the previous set, Ancient Knights! We have all the previous mechanics, including Mystery counters, Strength counters, Gems, Spirit Magic, and some cards referring to the Weather. This is important to strengthen the archetypes and can be seen to push them in a few directions. The multi-direction within the archetype promotes unique deck construction.

For the box opening video and chat, check out the video below!

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