Felicity’s Daydreams #84 – Never Tempt Fate With Trivia Games


My kid and I like Star Wars, so a year or two ago when I saw the Star Wars: Jedi Master Trivia Board Game on clearance at a cheap store one day, I thought to myself, ‘That’ll be interesting!’. Oh, how wrong I was. It’s a cute little game, but that question in the comic is literally an example from it – it covers odd minutiae and trivia not just from movies I – VI, but from the old Extended Universe too. We were completely stumped, so we skimmed by on mostly guessing, which was entertaining enough at least. Never, ever, think that you’ll do fine at a trivia board game before your start it, because you’ll just jinx yourself so hard you’ll never be able to show your face in respectable society again.

It turns out the character who is the answer to that question is mentioned only in a handful of EU books and Star Wars encyclopedias, so you basically have to be a walking Star Wars trivia machine to be able to get through that game without desperately going ‘whaaaaat’ most of the time. The first person who answers it in the comments gets a hundred imaginary cookie points from me.

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