Felicity’s Daydreams #68 – Skirt-Swishing Was Kind Of Unavoidable

You may have noticed I recently wrote an article about hobby miniature tabletop gaming; especially the start of it as a hobby; H. G. Wells’ ‘Little Wars’. While he acknowledges people of the female persuasion might be interested in playing it as well, it’s with the 1913 equivalent of ‘not like other girls’ – ‘It can be played by boys of every age from twelve to one hundred and fifty . . . [and] by girls of the better sort, and by a few rare and gifted women.’ – telling you exactly what the general opinion of women is; if they are interested in an intellectual game it is considered the exception. While it may be a period-accurate opinion, when it comes to skirt-swishing, little did Wells know that miniature gaming would migrate to tables where people didn’t have to lie on the ground to play (you should see some of the photos of him playing ‘Little Wars’ outside), thought it obviously happened a lot more organically and long term than the comic here (fashions would change a decade or two later anyway, and trousers could be worn without being considered crazy and/or possibly an alien). Not to mention chattering being considered pretty standard while playing, because you can’t command mighty armies silently. How else would you rub in your opponent’s face that you’re kicking their ass? There’s no way there wasn’t a whole lot of chattering involved in developing the game.

Of course, considering H. G. Wells is also the author of War of the Worlds, there are also so many cool scenarios that can be built from willful misunderstanding of ‘alien callers’. Miniatures were used as military training after all…

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