Felicity’s Daydreams #65 – But Is There A Tableflip Function

65 But Is There A Tableflip Function

Thanks to Tabletopia who I used a promo screenshot of Terra Mystica from (specifically sourced from here) for the laptop screen.

So I was reading about how board games have changed over the last couple of decades, and the article mentioned new boardgame programs that make it feel like you’re actually playing the game. This sounds pretty cool, but it also loses that fun of touching and moving things, something which a digital version doesn’t need to recreate the visual of, except to appeal to the remembered feeling of doing that. But then again if you’re playing with another person it does help with that feeling of sitting at a table with them, not so far away. I’m slightly torn between it looking awesome and the feeling that a digital version of something should just take full advantage of that medium. Not existential crisis level of torn, though.

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