Felicity’s Daydreams #62 – Just Think of the Snowy Scenarios

62 - Just Think of the Snowy Scenarios

To my memory, this is the second time I’ve mentioned Operation Survival in these comics, but that’s because it’s a game I own at home and is therefore ripe for making fun of. If you’ve never heard of it, the basis is survival trivia – how can you tell what berries are poisonous, what’s the proper way to dig a snow shelter, how do you build a functioning radio from seaweed, etc. (OK maybe not that last one). I have surprisingly held my own against an ex- Army Reserves person in playing this, so I’m quite proud of my survivalist knowledge. If your total survival knowledge is how to get a waiter to pay attention to you in a restaurant though, be prepared to rage throw the trivia cards out the window after you get smashed at it.

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