Farewell to Cards


I can still remember when I got into playing the World of Warcraft trading card game. I had been playing the MMO for a while before, which is probably one reason why I started, along with a general interest in TCGs, I had been playing MtG for a good number of years as well. I played until the Servants of the Betrayer expansion came out, which is where, for us at least, the meta of the game went a bit funny and some extremely over powered cards came into circulation. And of course, the big pull for some people are the loot cards, those rare cards that allowed the owners to get special items in the MMO. The first big one was the Spectral Tiger special mount, which at the time was worth quite a fair chunk of money.


Speaking of loot cards, the most recent set, Timewalkers: Reign of Fire, featured all the loot cards from all the previous sets. And it was released in July of this year. At first, I was unsure why this set would have had all those loot cards in it, considering how hard they were to get back in the day, but then it dawned on me. Not only is Timewalkers: Reign of Fire the newest set, it is also the last.

Yes, I speak truth. The World of Warcraft trading card game is closing its doors. No more sets will be produced and there will be no more organised play under the control of Blizzard or Cryptozoic Entertainment. But fear not! You will still be able to redeem those loot cards (can do so here) and you can still run your own tournaments (rules are provided here).

Cryptozoic’s announcement page.

Blizzard’s announcement page.

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