Fantasy Flight Games announce Trollfens for Descent

The vicious Bol’Goreth rampages through the wildlands at the edge of the Valdari Marsh, and those left in his wake babble terrifying tales of destruction. However, dark rumors hint at something more sinister behind the simple-minded brutality: something horrific that threatens to spill out across the realm.

Trollfens is the newest expansion for Descent Journeys in the Dark Second Edition. As per normal with these sorts of expansions, there are a whole slew of new goodies, such as Heroes, Quests, Monsters, Classes and heaps of other stuff. The quests in it can be attached to a large campaign as side quests or run together as a mini-campaign. There are new cards for the Overlord, to cause more terror for the players.

This is only the announcement that it exists, no release date yet for it. Links are: Announcement and Main Page.

To add to this, you can now buy a complete dice set for Descent Journeys in the Dark Second Edition. The pack includes all 9 of the custom dice found in the Second Edition base game. Look for them here.

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