Fantasy Flight Game Presents Winter Tales

I used up my daily quota of snappy title imagination on the previous article, so this one had to be pretty bland. But that by no means describes the game itself, Winter Tales. Another superb sounding board game from Fantasy Flight Games, those most excellent game designers and manufacturers.

This game takes the players in the fight between the Regime of Winter’s soldiers and the rebels fighting for the return of Spring. As the players move through the game, doing quests and so on, they weave a new story with every game.

There are several recognizable characters in the game, such as Candlewick, The Mad Hatter and The Wolf on the Winter side and Alice, Grandma Dorothy and Pinocchio on the Spring side.

The site here can tell you a lot more about it, but overall it does sound very interesting. Fantasy Flight Games have done well with Fairy Tales before, the Grimm Role Playing Game showed well with that. If you like Fairy Tales, keep an eye open for this.

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