Epic Diem was an epic….diem


Just this past Saturday I had the great pleasure of attending the inaugural event that was Epic Diem, the nerd culture expo Queensland, let alone Australia, needed. The hype had been building up over the past several months until it finally reached the peak when over 1400 people attended the first showing. The vibe was humming from the first to the last attendee as they all filed into the nerd culture-filled venue and the fun began.

The organisers of Epic Diem had done a great job in procuring a multitude of excellent exhibitors including the upcoming team from Lightmare Studios with their TCG video game Infinity Wars to 2nd Legion’s Tabletop Gaming area and several cosplay and Steampunk vendors with a heap of incredible clothing and accessories. The best of the day for BTGN was of course covering the tabletop games and events that we all oh so crave.

First up, I dove straight back into my childhood and a bucket of Lego bricks to prove I was still King of the Bricks. The friendly team from Bricks n Fun were holding speed building competitions every hour – who could pass up the chance to show off your brick-handling skills?! Not me. There were three rounds, the first being a practice round so all participants could get the feel for the bricks and free to build what they wanted. The second round was all about accuracy while the third, and most creative, was to reproduce the almighty TARDIS, a challenge well accepted by the young and (more enthusiastically) the old. The winning TARDIS, and the $10 voucher for Bricks n Fun, was a very creative team effort from two young and keen Dr. Who fans with second place being handed to a TARDIS harking back to the a more original concept. Mine was barely recognisable to any standards of a TARDIS but the event was fun and my crown handed faithfully down to the next generation.

Lego TARDIS Winners - congratulations girls!

Lego TARDIS Winners – congratulations girls!

Second place TARDIS - including the Doctor!

Second place TARDIS – including the Doctor!











After my defeat I had to pick up my spirits by burrowing into some tabletop games. The crew from 2nd Legion had set up a great open gaming area for all sorts of games.

Expertly crafted Warhammer miniatures!

Expertly crafted Warhammer miniatures!

There was a crew battling out a match with teams of Warhammer miniatures, all well crafted and detailed to the minute point that really brought them to life on the field. I also caught up with a couple of guys trying out the Star Wars X-Wing miniatures game for the first time who both said they enjoyed it so much that they would pick up the game that day!

Star Wars X-Wing first timers!

Star Wars X-Wing first timers!

The board games tables were also seeing quite a bit of action with some more first-timers plowing head-on into a game of Malifaux, a gothic, steampunk, Victorian horror miniatures board game we here at BTGN are all keen on and can’t help persuading others to join in when we’re slaying devilish beasts. What is one board game that you just can’t help pushing onto other people and urging them to play? Leave a comment and see if we can’t recruit some more players!

The last port of call for the day was of course to jump into the prerelease event for the new Magic: the Gathering set of Theros. If you’ve been keeping up with BTGN as we covered it, Theros takes it’s theme from Greek and Roman mythology with Heroes, Beasts, and Gods. I thoroughly enjoyed playing with the new cards, particularly the new mechanics of Bestow and Heroic as well as the welcome return of the Scry mechanic which all make for interesting and strategic games. I was able to snag a quick picture of two very happy players with their favourite cards from their prerelease packs who both loved the new cards and were chomping at the bit for their next match. (Stay tuned for more in-depth coverage of the event from BTGN’s Lochlan!)

20130921_122939 20130921_122934










The prerelease event wrapped up for me with a respectable 13th out of 30 and I walked away with many new cards and a couple of M14 boosters for my troubles. Not bad for three hours of fun!

At this point, Epic Diem was starting to wind down and exhibitors were starting to close up and pack away what little wares they had left after all the happy customers had picked up their favourite pieces and headed home. The entire day was well thought out and every detail executed perfectly so a big shout out goes to the team at Epic Diem and a big thanks to the volunteers and support staff behind the scenes which really helped the day run so smoothly. I can only wait until next year now when Epic Diem rolls into town once again and injects a heavy dose of nerdiness into the Sunshine Coast. I hope to see you all there, and don’t forget to leave your experiences in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

– Kuso

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