Dungeons & Dragons “Next” Details Surface *UPDATED*


NextStarterA little bit of poking around the internet will quickly reveal that the release of the next series of rules in the famous Dungeons & Dragons franchise is soon to be upon us.  Wizards of the Coast, while liberal with the beta rules and mechanics information, have been fairly tight lipped about the potential street date and even official title.

However both the Barnes & Noble and Amazon.com websites now both advertise the ‘D&D Starter Set’ and ‘D&D Player’s Handbook’.  Note that the official title seems to simply be ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ with no mention of 5th Edition or ‘Next’.

It appears that the US release date for the initial Starter Set will be July 15th 2014 with the Player’s Handbook arriving the following month on the 19th of August.

NextPlayersPricing appears fairly standard to what we have seen previously  although I find it interesting that WotC are not releasing all three core books at launch in a complete package as they did with both Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition and Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition.

Rumour has it that the Wizards of the Coast Australia are hoping to have the Aussie release date as close as possible to the US date, but at this stage nothing has been officially declared.

Adding further credibility to the entire thing, Wizkids has officially announced it will be releasing the next wave of Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures, with it hopefully landing on Australian shores in August.



I have just received an OFFICIAL update!

The ‘Starter Kit’ will be available in Australia on July 15th for $24.95.
The ‘Players Guide’ will be available in Australia on August 19th for $59.95.
The adventure ‘Hoard of the Dragon Queen’ will be available in Australia on August 19th for $34.95
The ‘Monster Manual’ will be available in Australia on September 30th for $59.95.
The adventure ‘Rise of Tiamat’ will be available in Australia on October 21st for $34.95
The ‘Dungeon Masters Guide’ will be available in Australia on November 18th for $59.95

Get down to your Local Gaming Store and Pre-Order NOW!

Did you participate in the Dungeons & Dragons ‘Next’ Beta?  Are you looking forward to the new release?  Will you be purchasing the Starter Set on launch?  Post in the comments below as we’d love to know.

See you around the RPG table,

~ Toby

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