Dragon’s Maze Game Day (25/05/13) – at Gauntlet, Wynnum

A Dragon’s Maze Game Day Tournament was hosted today at Gauntlet in Wynnum.  Turnout for the event was somewhat light, but the players were spirited nonetheless.  After all the rounds were complete, store regular Chris placed in first.

I had a few words with the champion of the day about his choice of strategy for the event.  Chris felt that playing in block format was a challenge, but that he built a deck which worked for him and found the experience interesting.  He remarked that because “Aggro-decks” were so popular in the format, his own control-deck faced quite a bit of pressure.  However, he chose to use a two-colour deck as opposed to the three-colour decks used by some of his opponents, and felt that this more focused approach gave him an edge.

His deck-list for the day was:

  • Aetherling x 4
  • Precinct Captain x 4
  • Cyclonic Rift x 3
  • Syncopate x 2
  • Detention Sphere x 2
  • Render Silent x 4
  • Jace, Architect of Thought x 4
  • Renounce the Guilds x 4
  • Supreme Verdict x 4
  • Azorius Charm x 4
  • Sphinx’s Revelation x 1
  • Hallowed Fountain x 4
  • Azorius Guild Gate x 4
  • Island x 9
  • Plains x 7

As the event drew to close and the placings were read out, cheers and applause were given to every player from first to last, a pleasantly sporting end to the day.

Expect our first video upload later in the week covering the battle for first place between Chris and Michael.


Dragon’s Maze Game Day at Gauntlet Wynnum


Dragon’s Maze Game Day at Gauntlet Wynnum


Dragon’s Maze Game Day winner Chris with the Champion playmat.

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