Dragon Ball Super Card Game: Starter Set and Special Packs Set Unboxing and Reviews

Shortly after I finished my Dragon Ball Super Card Game Preview piece, while I was still hyped from the learn to play, we received some review stock from our friends at Let’s Play Games. So naturally I got to work to bring you unboxings and reviews pretty quickly. Now be warned, they are a bit long because I decided to go in depth with the contents of each product and discuss the cards within in detail. So make yourself a drink, sit down and enjoy.

First up is the Starter Deck, the Awakening, which features a blue deck with a Super Saiyan God Goku that awaken into an SSGSS Goku. This is a great entry point into the game and a lot of the cards in it will see play even when you have more of a collection, so I can’t recommend this enough.

Next up is two of their Special Packs Sets which is essentially their version of fat packs. Since it’s technically before the launch and the full card list hasn’t been properly released yet, I decided to talk about each of the cards opened and not just the rares. Enjoy this monster as much as I enjoyed making it.


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