D&D 5e/Next incoming


The mainstay of table top roleplaying games is Dungeons and Dragons, as any self respecting RPer knows. It has been around for many years, and will most likely be around for many more years. Over it’s life, it has seen a lot of different incarnations, all the way back from 1974. D&D 4th Edition was released 5 years ago, back in 2008, to mixed reactions. I was part of that release, I bought the three main books in a boxed set, participated in the Release Day games, both as a player and a GM. I still have the white Player D20 and the black GM adventure set, as well as the normal retail blue set of dice. To me, 4e was too different from 3rd (which I had played most), and eventually we moved over to Pathfinder. I sold off my books, as they were never getting used.

That may change soon…

For the last two years, Wizards of the Coast has been holding a open play test for the next version of it’s iconic role playing game. This test was called D&D Next, and gave everyone the opportunity to see how these new rules set operated, and allowed those participating to give feedback on the system. A good idea I think.

Well, after all this time, WotC has now announced a release period for this new product, and that time is ‘Summer 2014’. Of course, this is American, so to translate to us Southern Hemisphereians, we are looking at mid-2014. That is a date that is not too far away, really. Check out the release.

Very little information has been given beyond that, not even an official name. One of our team here at ATGN, who has more contacts than I, might be able to glean a little more information, but this is all I know for now.

I would like to see another Release Event like I saw with 4e, it was quite a good day. I remember that the store that held the Release Day event that I went to had even hired a quite attractive model, dressed appropriately as a mage, to help promote it. I believe pictures still exist somewhere that show her draped across the table while a bunch of us try not to stare too hard.

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