Cthulhu Wars – A Kickstarter Project

This looks promising.  Sandy Peterson, the chap that brought us the Call of Cthulhu Roleplaying game where we run about as investigators trying to save the world has decided to come at us with a new project from a completely different angle.  Cthulhu Wars is a board game in which players summon cultists, various nasties and ultimately the Ancient Ones themselves in a race to see who can bring about the end of the world first.


Designed to be played with 3 to 5 players, the game looks to be of a similar quality to something that Fantasy Flight Games would often produce (ie Good Quality).  The game will initially ship with 64 very fine looking miniatures, which I have say carry an impressive amount of detail.  Painted up these should look really nice on the table.

Perhaps the most amazing thing about Cthulhu Wars is that it’s being brought to life by a team of only three.  You can clearly tell this is a labour of love, and again that usually indicates a quality product.

Already several of the early-bird backing options have completely sold out and at the time of writing this article had completely smashed it’s $40,000 goal with an amazing total of over $362,000.  As a result the project is now well into stretch goals with many very nice extras being thrown into the bundle.

Unfortunately with the $45 shipping fee to Australia on top of the $140 pledge it’s going to be a little too expensive for anyone other than the Cthulhu fan with a thick wallet.  Definitely one to watch though when it hits the retail market at which time I would guesstimate a RRP of ~$149.95.

There is an enormous amount of content on the Kickstarter page with lots of very impressive photographs.  Take some time to check out the project here.



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