Cryptozoic Saves the Doom

Cryptozoic-Entertainment-logoOnly a couple of days ago I made a post about The Doom that came to Atlantic City, that after a year of production, the project had folded and everyone who had pledged got nothing.

But just today I came across some amazing news. Cryptozoic Entertainment, makers of such games as the DC Comics Deck Building Game and Batman: Arkham City Escape, have come to the rescue. They contacted Keith Baker and Lee Moyer, the two designers who still had the rights to the game, and are already working with the factory to get it made. The aim here is to fulfill all the Kickstarter  backers pledges, and since Cryptozoic is well established with a hefty number of products already out there, I see this moving forward with full force.

I am also quite happy about this because now this means that I still will be able to get my hands on a copy of this game at a later stage, when Cryptozoic start selling it.

Cryptozoic have done a really great thing here, because they didn’t get that big money injection to make all this from Kickstarter, but they will still be honouring all the Kickstartes pledges, meaning it will cost them a good size chunk of change, but they are doing it anyway. The game is pretty much all done anyway, it just needs to be put into production.

The full article can be found here. Keith Baker’s blog is here. Lee Moyer’s blog is here. There is even a product page for the game already up on Cryptozoic’s site.

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