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Welcome one and all to the greatest failure of Warhammer playing since my last report! This time I’ll give you the low down on this years ConVic 2014 Warhammer tournament which was held on July 12 -13 down at the Burden Park Bowling Club in Springvale, Victoria.

As you may have read in my previous write up, I was over playing the immobile Dwarf army. So what did I decide to run at ConVic? Ogres! Not only that, I was going to try my hand at Multiple Small Units (MSU). My thinking was that since I felt the biggest issue with the Dwarfs were the lack of movement; MSU Ogres would be the total opposite. They move twice as fast as the dwarfs and if I run them MSU style, I’ll have a twice as many toys to play with and move about.

That makes sense, right? Double the movement, double the fun? Read on and find out!

Right, boring details about the tournament:

ConVic was a five game 2400 point army with a soft panel comp being applied. Basically all armies were judged and given a score between 0 and 5, 0 being the toughest army out there and 5 being the weakest. The difference in comp between the players armies were then halved and added to the each players score. E.g. if there was a difference of 2 in comp, the softer army would add 1 point while the harder army would subtract 1 point.

For reference, my army was given a hard-as-cotton wool score of 4…

The games being played were the standard scenarios from the rule book, with the first and last games of the tournament being a straight up Battleline fight.


Getting dressed up in my suave Ogre Slaughter master outfit, with bloodied up apron, chains, big fur (faux) lined boots and seedy looking moustache, I was ready to grind some Warhammer armies into a nutritious and convenient paste. How was I going to do that? With this army:

Greasus Goldtooth: General

Bruiser: BSB, Heavy Armour, Enchanted Shield, Dragonbane Gem, Ironcurse Icon, Lookout Gnoblar

3 Units of 10 Gnoblars

2 units of 4 Ogres with Ironfists and Bellowers

A unit of 5 Ironguts with Bellower, Standard Bearer, Standard of Discipline

2 Units of 4 Leadbelchers for some ranged hurt

A unit of 3 Yhetees… because I can. These fellas never see the game table and I felt sorry for them.

A gorger

2 single Sabretusks

2 units of 2 Mournfang Cavalry with Bellower, Ironfist…

… And the obligatory Ironblaster.

So as you can see there are a few issues with this list already. First off, NO MAGIC! Having no mage meant that I was fairly susceptible to an opposing mage decimating my lines. My thinking was that magic usually isn’t a big deal when you have so many units. Also there is often only one spell per magic phase that I need to stop which I can usually do by throwing all my dispel dice at it.

Secondly my character unit is quite small. At only five Ironguts, it won’t take long before only my two, poorly equipped characters are left standing.

Thirdly, I don’t have any real combat punch. No big blocks or anything particularly nasty to whomp my opposition. Instead I’ll need to rely on getting multiple units into a single combat and hope to break my enemy.

Lastly, I didn’t know what I was doing! Having never played the MSU style before I was essentially throwing my miniatures at the wall and seeing what causes a dent… which would probably be Greasus seeing as that figure is large and made of metal.

Speaking of which, “why use Greasus?” I hear you ask. Because of his special rules: any fleeing ogre that is within 18 inches of him at the start of my turn will automatically rally. He also has high leadership and gives other units an extra point in combat resolution and a strength 10 attacks which inflicts D3 wounds, has 6 wounds and is also tough as bricks. He also has a neat trick of causing between 1 and 3 enemy units to be stupid, each turn.
“But he is 545 points?!” I hear you cry. Well… err… be quiet, no one asked you.


Allrightyroo! Time for the games themselves.

Saturday. Morning (early for me). Battleline. Dark Elf opponent – Dave.

Mmmmkay. First up I was playing against Dark Elves. Something I was hoping to avoid this tournament due to always having bad luck. Not to worry, I’m sure I’ll learn a few things then promptly forget before the next game.

My opponent had a decent list, not overly annoying or over powered. He was running:

  •  A large corsair block with a shrine.
  •  A Kharybdyss
  •  A Hydra
  •  A unit of warlocks
  • A block of knights with a sorceress
  • A block of witch elves
  • A unit of fast cavalry
  • 2 bolt throwers

So a bit of everything then. Looking at his army I felt there was no way of me even putting a dent in that very large corsair unit, so I was going to try avoid them. Everything else, we’ll see how we go.

g1 t1

Essentially, I didn’t know what I was doing. I played the same reactionary style that I always do and waited for him to make some mistakes that would allow me to exploit. I ran forward with my time waster units like Gnoblars and Sabretusks to get in the way of his nasty toys. When he came close enough for me to make a reasonable charge my character block ran full steam ahead into his Kharybdyss which was in the centre of the table.

My far right Sabretusk charge and survived a round of shooting and a couple of turns of combat before being put to sleep. My Mournfang didn’t do much, charging in, broke his warlocks, chased them and then received a fatal flank charge from his cavalry.

His witches ran forward and received a couple of rounds of shooting before wiping out the Leadbelchers.

As the game was wrapping up, my Gnoblars made a charge into the flank of his knights to hold them up and prevent another devastating charge into my character unit. Surprisingly they held and I was able line up a multicharge in my next turn.  Seeing that his knights were in danger, my opponent charged his shrine out and rolled a stupendous number to make it into the rear of Greasus… oh no!

This is where the game hinged, this one turn of combat. In my opponents turn he was able to cut down all but one of my gnoblars, which meant he could chase the little buggers who fled and get out of the way of both my 2nd unit of Mournfang and my character unit. Dang! One little Gnoblar HAD to survive. It had one job to do and that was die and it couldn’t even manage that. Oh well.

Greasus on the other hand turned the shrine into splinters with his massive club of splintering and my Mournfang were able to get the charge into the rear of the knights. Unfortunately I couldn’t deal enough damage to them, leaving only a couple left alive at the end of the game.

Ogres prepare a elf sandwich

Ogres prepare an elf sandwich

Everything else in the game was uneventful really. My Gorger chomped a bolt thrower but then died to the corsairs and my Yhetees held up the Hydra for a while.

In the end it was a close game but I lost by a couple of points. A good warm up game to be sure. Thanks for the game Dave.


Game 2.

Battle for the pass… against Vampire Counts – Brendan.

*le sigh* Not only was I versing vamps but the scenario was Battle for the Pass which meant it would be very hard to maneuver my army about. Added into that was the fact that he had a few ethereal units that could only be harmed by either my Yhetees or by Greasus seeing as they were the only ones with magic weapons.

Yes, ethereal units can die by losing combat and having the combat resolution take wounds off, but to get a high combat res I’ll need to flank and rear charge as well as not take any wounds in return. My army doesn’t have ranks nor do the vast majority have banners. I don’t see any way that this game was going to end well.

My opponent’s army consisted of:

  • A large block of ghouls
  • A large bus of skeletons
  • 3 individual spirit hosts
  • A unit of 2 Fell bats
  • A unit of 8 Vargheists
  • A unit of hexwraiths
  • A unit of 4 Blood knights
  • A single vargulf

2 Vampires, a ‘blender lord’ lv 4 caster and a lv 2 shadow caster.


The ogres set up defensively

The ogres set up defensively

So what do you do when facing an army like this with an army like mine? Well, not much was my conclusion.

There was little chance of me flanking his big blocks due to so many unkillable ghosts about and the varghiests and knights would also pose a huge problem. Here’s how the game went: He ran at my, I shot what I could and died when I got into combat.

Well maybe it wasn’t that simple. His Vargulf flew ahead of his lines and was smacked on the nose with the rolled up newspaper of two ogre units. In return his Vargheists flew behind my lines and posed for a pincer attack, sandwiching my two ogre units between some ghouls and a hard place. I was able to flank the ghouls before they could charge in though and dealt a meaty amount of damage before the end, just not enough to wipe them out.

His Knights made a decent charge against my Mournfang and just wiped them off the table without a single attack in retaliation. His skelly and vamp block made contact against my character block and the 2 generals faced off. His Super vamp made mince meat of Greasus as I couldn’t save a single ward, and then with a single wound remaining, I failed to cause any wounds to the vamp. Damn you probability! Damn Yoooouuu!

In the end Brendan cleaned up most of my army, I picked off a couple of things but not enough for any substantial comeback. Thanks to the comp system I was able to retrieve a few points. Woo!


Game 3.

Meeting Engagement. Daemonic opposition – Andrew.

As the day was coming to a close, much like the effect tiredness was having on my eyes, I was able to psyche myself up for one last game.

With 2 losses under my belt I was really hoping to just smash some stuff… but then I saw Andrew’s list:

  • Daemon Prince – Nurgle, lv 4 caster
  • Herald of Nurgle in a block of Plague bearers
  • Herald of Slaanesh in a block of Daemonettes
  • 4 Beasts of Nurgle
  • 4 Nurglings
  • Soulgrinder with mark of Nurgle.

My heart sank a little. Whenever I see that I’m facing a Nurgle Daemon Prince a small piece of me dies. .

The Soulgrinder is also quite intimidating with its decent stat line. Man I hate Nurgle… it’s so annoying!

Anyways, enough whinging. We both rolled off and to my surprise almost all my army would be starting on the board. Andrew on the other hand had quite a few units starting in reserve. He deployed first and I failed to steal the initiative.

I lined up ready to attempt to blow his stuff away with my shooting while he ran at me. My cannon was unable to take off the Soulgrinder and a couple of rounds of leadbelcher fire also failed to stop its onslaught. Over a couple of turns the Monster ploughed though Gnoblar speed bumps and then the Leadbelchers themselves.

Soulgrinder Smash!

Soulgrinder Smash!

On the other side of the table I inched forward, waiting for an opportunity to strike when the Reign of Chaos table decided it didn’t like my Mournfang and killed one (hooray for the Reign of Chaos). Thinking to myself “Bugger this; if I’m going to go down, it’ll be with me kicking and screaming!” I charged ahead and smashed my character block into his Daemonettes. Ogres charged in also, then the Beasts decided to do the same. Not wanting to miss out the Prince joined in the scrap.

It was a mess of combat and I’ll let these 2 pictures describe what happened over a couple of turns.

spot the difference

spot the difference

One thing that the pictures don’t explain is the disappearance of the Prince. While enjoying the fight, the Prince cast a spell to help his friends. He was overenthusiastic about it though and miscast. Embarrassed by his mistake he hid himself from the cruel, judgemental eyes of these Ogre strangers and jumped into a portal back home. He ran to his room and cried “I can never leave this house again!” and didn’t come out for three days. It was at that point one of his concerned friends gave the Nurgle Prince a call and explained that all his mates didn’t care if he miscast. “It happens to every level 4 caster at some point. Everyone knows how you feel and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

The Prince sat up and dried his eyes, took a couple of deep slow breaths and turned to face his pal.
“You’re right as always… where would I be without you? I want you to know that I cherish your friendship”.
With everything right in the Warp again, the Prince and his friend went out and bought some ice-cream … … …

Well, maybe it didn’t happen exactly like that but you get the point.

Anyways, off screen Andrew rolled poorly for the winds of magic and ended up puting wounds on a couple of units and also killing his own Soulgrinder (hooray for the Reign of Chaos).

It was a close and intense scrap with my characters putting up a great fight but they just couldn’t hold on.

Third game, third loss.

Not to worry though as there was still 2 more games to go which meant 2 more chances to redeem myself.


Day 2!

Game 4.

The Watchtower *groan*. Playing against Skaven *groan* being commanded by Christopher.

Right, what a way to start the first game of the second day. Not only was I playing against a tough matchup… hordes of Skaven and their Ogre killing toys, but we were playing the Watchtower scenario. To make things worse my opponent rolled high enough to start in the tower.
Although on paper I expected this game to be awful, little did I know that it would be one of the most exciting \ stressful games of Warhammer I’ve ever played.

So let’s have a gander at what I was up against shall we? Yes, we shall:

  • Thrott the Unclean – general
  • Grey seer
  • Assassin with weeping blades
  • A chieftain with the Storm Banner
  • 2 blocks of 30 Stormvermin which the characters sat in equally
  • 5 lots of 5 Giant Rats
  • A unit of 6 Rat ogres
  • A unit of 8 Rat ogres
  • A Doomwheel
  • A Hellpit Abomination (A-bomb)*groan*


Now, just a heads up, I’ll try my best to not confuse you with how the last couple of turns unfolded but I can’t promise anything. This game swung back and forth as to who was going to win a bunch of times and I’m sure I’m going to forget a detail somewhere.

How about I jot this down in dot points and see how we go.

Turn 1

  • The storm banner was activated.
  • Note that in the tower were 6 Rat ogres.
  • Dudes shuffled about.
  • Leadbelchers shot at the Rat Ogres in the tower, nothing happened.
  • Ironblaster shot the Doomwheel and cause a couple of wounds.

g4 t1

Turn 2 was much the same.

  • Rats moved forward
  • Gnoblars charged a unit of Giant rats, lost combat and were run down.
  • Rats moved forward again
  • Sabretusks move to block the A-bomb
  • The Doomwheel was still alive and took aim at the Yhetees

Turn 3. Here’s where things got interesting.

  • Mournfang charged a unit of Stormvermin. They caused some wound and took some wounds
  • The Doomwheel was road blocked by Gnoblars
  • The large unit of Rat ogres made a beeline to my character block.
  • A unit of ogres ran forward to block the Rat ogres
  • The A-bomb cleaned up its prey and turn its many eyes to the bulk of ogres


Things start to heat up

Things start to heat up

Turn 4.

  • Mournfang are dead to the D3 wound causing Assassin and Thrott. The Rats surge forward.
  • Rat ogre blocking ogres flee and Rats fail to re-direct. The ogres subsequently rally.
  • The Doomwheel charges the Gnoblars, kills them and overruns into the Ironblaster.
  • The Yhetees then flank the Doomwheel and smash it.
  • Greasus charges the Rat Ogres in the Tower
  • The Leadbelchers shoot at the Rat ogres.
'Crunch' time!

‘Crunch’ time!

Turn 5.

  • Ogre unit cleaned up by Storm Vermin
  • Rat Ogres remove the Ironguts
  • Greasus squishes a couple of Rat ogres and takes a couple of wounds in return and jumps into the tower.
  • The rat ogres that were in the Tower run off, almost to the edge of the board.
  • The Yhetees run around the back of the Tower
  • The Leadbelchers fire on the Stormvermin
g4 t5

The shadow of the fingertip looms over the west of the battleground.

Turn 6.

  • The fleeing Rat ogres rally and about face
  • The Irongut-destroying Rat Ogres face Greasus and can’t get him out.
  • Stormvermin with Assassin charge and break a unit of Leadbelchers
  • The Yhetees flank said Rat ogres.
  • Yhetees win combat against Rat Ogres and cut them down.

Final turn.

  • Rallied Rat ogre from turn 6 charge Greasus
  • A-bomb flanks the Yhetees and kill them, but not before the Yhetees fatally wound the A-bomb. Double KO!
  • Leadbelchers Rally and are charged again by Assassin Stormvermin.
  • Grey Seer Skitterleap teleports behind my Ironblaster and …
  • … Successfully casts Cracks Call. This was aimed in a straight line hitting the Iron blaster, BSB and the Greasus\rat ogre fight in the tower.
  • Ironblaster passes Initiative test and survives Cracks Call
  • BSB passes Initiative test and survives Cracks Call
  • Rat Ogres fails Initiative test and Cracks Call kills a couple
  • Greasus FAILS initiative test!!
  • Greasus passes ward to save from Crack Call!
  • Christopher rolls to see if the Tower is destroyed on a 5+. Rolls a 5. No Tower for you!!
  • Ironblaster turns around and turns the Grey seer into red mist.
The havok-causing, stess-inducing Grey Seer miscreant.

The havoc-causing, stress-inducing Grey Seer miscreant.

That is how the game ended.

Now I usually get stressed out during a friendly game of Warhammer. It’s what I do. This game though, stressed me out to a whole other level. I felt like I needed to lie down for an hour afterwards and debrief. If this was the last game of Warhammer I was going to play, I’d be content.  Best. Game. Ever.

The cherry on the cake was that I finally won a game! Sure I didn’t obliterate my opponent and no bonus points were awarded for holding the ruins of a Tower, but dang, so much fun (and stress).


This brings us to the last game of the day and the tournament. Feeling a bit better about myself I merrily strolled off to the final game round draw to see which table I was on and who I was playing. Dun-dun-duuuun! I was playing Rhys.

For those of you who read my Face Off tournament report, you may recall my 3rd game was against a Warrior of Chaos toting player by the name of Rhys who utterly destroyed my hapless dwarfs. Here he was again, with Warriors of Chaos, ready to ruin my hobby…

Game 5.

Battleline. Warriors of Chaos played by the Warrior of Chaos himself, Rhys.

What’s there to tell here? Rhys just rolled through my army like a mighty boulder through lesser boulders. Mind you, my luck had run out and I failed to do any significant damage where statically I should have. I honestly didn’t think there was much I could do against:

  • Sorcerer Lord of Tzeentch, lv 4 on Disc (1+ save, 3+ward with re-rolls of 1)
  • Exalted Hero of Tzeentch on Demonic steed (1+save, 3+ ward)
  • Sorcerer, lore of Fire, Ruby Ring of Ruin
  • A unit of Chaos warriors
  • 2 units of 10 Slaanesh Forsaken
  • 2 Units of 5 Chaos Warhounds
  • 2 Chariots of Nurgle
  • 2 units of 3 Skullcrushers.

So yeah. The most exciting thing my army accomplished was that a unit of Gnoblars were stuck in combat with a unit of dogs for 3 turns and won (!!) with 2 Gnoblars remaining. Men of the match they were.

The calm before the storm

The calm before the storm

The rest of my army just keeled over.

Now, nothing against Rhys, he’s a great player with a rock solid army, but dang it man stop making it look so easy! :p (Rhys if you’re reading this, you owe me a drink)

So with that crushing defeat the tournament was over. Awards were handed out and everyone left happy.

Big thanks to the Burden Park Bowling Club for the catered meal on Saturday and to the tournament organisers for running the event without a hitch.

I’m sure Convic will be appearing the same time next year and I urge all ‘hammer players to attend. A great weekend had by all.

So until next time (Rumble in the Bronx, being held in Geelong at the end of August),

May you have better luck than I do,



PS. Guess who beat me for the ‘sexiest general’ prize? Yep, Rhys. He’s even beating me in non-Warhammer competitions >.> For those interested, here’s a dodgy selfie of my getup for the weekend:

grrr... super sexy, eh?

grrr… super sexy, eh?


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