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Back in March of this year Jessica took a look at Infected from Black Forest Studio. The game then went on to an incredible Kickstarter campaign, achieving an end result of just over $111,000, well beyond its modest goal of $3,456.

The game has now shipped to backers and Jessica was kindly sent a copy of the game to replace her prototype build she reviewed.  There have been a few minor tweaks since that early version and Jessica wanted to share her updated thoughts with you now that she’s had a chance to play the final game.

I was excited to see the final Infected product and happy to see they made multiple improvements to the game. From clear picture examples of each card in the game to the spooky plague doctor card back, it has drastically changed from its first iteration. Getting five people instead of six to play is a good change. However, without access to a steady group of people, it was still difficult to arrange a time to play Infected. Each turn guide handed out to players was a bit too small though and I felt having it bigger would be better.

I felt that Infected did not take too long to learn this time around because of a concise rulebook. Games felt fun and played fluidly for the deception genre which is generally unheard of as most deception games take a long time to finish. I would stick to my previous recommendation: for players that want stress-free, quick deception games.

Sadly, if you didn’t back Infected on Kickstarter you can’t actually purchase the game anywhere just yet.  However, Black Forest Studio have informed us that they are looking into the possibility of a second production run soon.  If you’re interested in picking up a copy of the game in the future we urge you to subscribe to their updates to be notified when it happens.

Meanwhile though (with many thanks to Black Forest Studio) we have a copy of Infected to give away! What a fantastic Christmas present this would make for someone (or yourself).

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Winning is easy, all you have to do is tell us in the comments below the worst infection you’ve ever come across (you or someone you know).

We’ll pick a winner next Sunday the 10th of December 2017 at 5pm and notify them by email (so make sure you use a legit email we can reach you at).

This competition is open to Australian residents only (Apologies to our international friends, postage is a killer).

Good luck and we look forward to reading your anecdotes.

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