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The third quarter of 2014 is looking to be a most exceptional one for those of us who enjoy tabletop gaming.  You’ve probably got your eye on a few things, but I thought a reasonably comprehensive list might be beneficial to all.

Clash-Pack-for-Magic-2015Magic The Gathering is about to release the 2015 Core Set.  Odds are if you follow Magic then you will have already attended the M15 Pre-Release this weekend just passed. Aside from the usual Boosters, Introduction Decks, Fat Packs and Toolkits, Wizards of the Coast is also releasing a two-player ‘Clash Pack’ which is ideal for a new player and friend to get involved in the game.  Word on the street is that this is one of the best core sets that we have seen in a few years, which explains why veteran players are reasonably happy with the product and pre-release events saw some pretty solid numbers.

Release Date – Friday 18th July


Wizards of the Coast has another big release this month with an update to the long running Dungeons & Dragons franchise.  Interestingly, unlike previous releases of D&D, WotC is staggering the release of the core rulebooks rather than releasing the three core books (Player’s Guide, Dungeon Master’s Guide, Monster Manual) all at once. We here at Australian Tabletop Gaming Network are keen to get our hands on a review copy of the Starter Set and sit down for a session or two so we can give you our thoughts.  Keep an eye out.

Release Date –
Starter Set – Tuesday 15th July
Player’s Handbook – Tuesday 19th August
DT_Boxtop_PressAlderac Entertainment Group (AEG), makers of the somewhat renowned ‘Legend of the Five Rings’, are about to take a crack at the ‘Living Card Game’ format currently dominated by Fantasy Flight Games.  Doomtown, much like FFG’s Android: Netrunner, is actually the reboot of an older card game, updated for the modern market.  This time it’s not light sabers or robots but cowboys and the wild west.  There is a fair bit of hype for this one, and I have to admit I’m keen to pick a copy up myself and take a look at it.  We did a preview article on this a little while back – Link.

Release Date – August

Speaking of Living Card Games from Fantasy Flight Games, the next big one from the master of LCG’s is Warhammer 40,000 – Conquest.  I can tell you that the amount of attention that this product is getting is incredible.  Not only from existing LCG players but also from those who have never picked one up and played before.  It’s a bit of a pity that the original Warhammer – Invasion LCG came to such an abrupt end, I wonder whether it was a diminished player base or for licensing reasons.  Either way I’m fairly confident that Conquest will have a solid life span.

Release Date – August

PZO1129_500 Pathfinder continues to go from strength to strength, and it will be interesting to see if the launch of Dungeons & Dragons (5th Edition) has any impact on the game at all.  Earlier in the year Paizo release some ‘beta’ character classes for fans to sample and the response was generally positive.  The investigator in particular offered up another, much needed, rogue variant.  This book will include 10 new base classes, a huge selection of feats, archetypes, new spells, new magic items and a tonne of new equipment as well.  More than just a ‘fluff’ book this will be an essential purchase for Pathfinder players.

Release Date – August (Expected)

RobotechRPGTacticsFigs-xlgPalladium Books, most renowned for their ‘RIFTS’ role-playing game took to Kickstarter in May this year for a new product, ‘Robotech RPG Tactics’ a ‘Strategy Battle Game’.  I’m in no way a fan or watcher of ‘Anime’ but even I have heard of the legendary Robotech.  No doubt for fans of that series and world this is something they have been waiting for.  It’s not just a single ‘core box’ either, release day should see a whole bunch of different boxes and products on shelves including various armies and books.  The original Kickstarter page with gameplay videos and images galore can be found here.

Release Date – Q3

Beyond that there are a bunch of expansions coming out for Living Card Games, Star Wars X-Wing, Munchkin, Summoner Wars and more.  Keep one eye on the ATGN home page and your Local Gaming Store.

Hope to see you across the gaming table,


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