Coming February – My Little Pony CCG

Now before you scroll past or snicker in disgust, My Little Pony CCG tested extremely well at the recent Gen Con with reports coming in that it is mechanically as sound as Magic: The Gathering.

I’m sure that the recent explosion of ‘Bronies’ played a contributing factor in Enterplay LLC and Hasbro’s decision to publish the My Little Pony Collectible Card Game, and while I’m not a ‘Brony’ myself (I’ve only caught the show a couple of times with my daughter) I’m always keen to take a look at a card game, regardless of the theme.


Card stock is the same size as Magic: The Gathering or Pokemon and thus far the artwork I have seen is comparable to the Pokemon TCG, being that the artwork is primarily based on a cartoon show.

Games can run from 10 to 40 minutes long (Similar to most other TCG’s).  Despite the games apparent (dare I say) “Childish” theme, it’s clear it has been designed from the ground up for the mature player.  Many of the cards have text blocks with unique powers that require plenty of thought and strategy to play correctly.

The idea of the game is to complete ‘Problems’ , to this end each player is equipped with two decks.  One deck contains a variety of ‘Problems’, the other is your standard deck you play from.  The object of the game is to reach 15 points, which is primarily achieved by completing problems.  From the way I read it, using characters to solve these problems seems eerily familiar to investigators struggling over stories in the Call of Cthulhu LCG.

I wont go into the mechanics of the game much beyond that as there is also a couple of fantastic videos on Youtube demonstrating how to play the game along with a couple of games in action. Simply search Youtube for ‘My Little Pony CCG’.

The more important question for those interested, and those of you who are a ‘Brony’ should be salivating by now, is when is it being released locally in Australia?

At this stage the only date I have is “February 2014”.  It was originally chalked up for a December release but there has been a delay for reasons I was not able to discover.


This weekend past (7th & 8th of December) Enterplay LLC sanctioned a number of pre-release events in the USA which did remarkably well. Questioning the local distributor there are sadly no plans at this stage for Enterplay to sanction and supply similar events outside of the US.

A quick look on eBay and I discovered the demonstration decks from Gen Con going for anything up to $200 USD each and one excited individual was asking for $500-$700 for a special promotional card from the pre-release. More remarkable is that they are selling.  No one can peer into the future but there is every possibility that the My Little Pony CCG will explode in popularity and those snapping up these cards now are making wise investments.

Once the game is released locally we have a number of contributors here at ATGN who are more than happy to take the game through it’s paces and put up a thorough review for those interested in learning more.

Meanwhile you can check out the following websites for more information –

Enterplay LLC Website –

Enterplay  LLC Facebook Page –

My Little Pony CCG Australian Facebook Group –

– Toby


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