Clustered – Kickstarter Review


Clustered is an interesting card game from Sculpin Games that borrows from a few different titles you may have already played but adds a bit of a twist. Two to four people can play at once. The aim of the game is to gain points by lining up matching numbers, symbols or shade-ins, like in Dominoes. Meanwhile, you also need to prevent other players from getting theirs, kind of like what you’d experience in Blokus.

The Play Through

Each player takes five cards from their colour deck and has to try and match two of the three symbol types found on the cards to the ones on the table. These three types are: Number (1-3); Shade-in (Full, Half, Empty); and shape (Triangle, Square and Circle). Getting three cards in a row earns the player points. There are variations in points depending on the shape or number of cards that end up together on the table.


My Impressions

From our ATGN family I was chosen to have a look at and share my thoughts on this game. We saw it as a potentially educational style game and I am (conveniently) an educator. I was able to sit down with three of my Year 6 Students (Ages 11 and 12), discuss the rules and within 5-10 minutes everyone understood how to play the game. We threw ourselves into the game, and one of the girls in the group decided to try and block me at every turn (must be getting me back for all the homework). Another student quietly built their side up and scored a heap of points before the rest of us knew what was happening. We thoroughly enjoyed this game. It took a little while to get going but once we knew how to play, it was ON! The students have even asked me if they can come into the classroom during lunch time to play it.


  • Enjoyable
  • Replayable
  • Thought provoking
  • Good for the mind
  • Gives a bit of a challenge to the players.


  • Instructions are a little difficult to understand unless you are holding and going through the cards as you read them
  • I’m not sure if 7-year-olds would be able to play this without support or some form of differentiation. Perhaps a higher age range would be more suitable.



Nine out of Ten, Almost the best Doctor.

This was a fantastic game, the kids in my class loved it and want to play it again. This is a definite MUST HAVE if you have children and want to give them a game that will exercise their minds, or even if you are a child at heart who wants to test yours with friends.

Clustered will be available on Kickstarter March 30th 2017.  You can also checkout the Sculpin Games website here and their Facebook Page here.

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