Warmachine – Cephalyx Emerges

With the “interesting times” that Games Workshop are going through now, I decided to distance myself from them, and move onto different things. I’ve sold all my GW models, except for one custom piece that I am still working on, and I have invested in Warmachine. I’ve started with one half of the 2 player box, the Protectorate of Menoth side. I have also, just recently, bought some Rhulic Mercenaries. I am still only new to the game, having only played a few games, but I have a good grasp on it. I had planned to go for Convergence of Cyriss as my third army (I like to have choice), but with the release of some recent news from Privateer Press, I have well and truly changed my mind. And this article is all about what changed my mind, the Cephalyx.

My first introduction to them is from a video from Privateer Press. It is fairly longish for an intro movie, but a lot is explained and shown, and that is why I have decided I will get them. Be warned, the beginning of this movie is mildly creepy and ever so slightly gruesome.

Now that you have watched that (you did watch it, didn’t you?), you know what they are are all about, and they look really cool and interesting to me. This group is not a full army such as Cygnar or Khador, it is another Mercenary Contract that can be taken.

There are several things that these guys remind me of. The first is the Strogg from Quake 2 and 4, that sort of surgically altered human integrated with machine. Second are the the Brutes from Command and Conquer: Red Alert 2 – Yuri’s Revenge, the huge hulking ex-people who are completely mind controlled. I very much like the look of it all.

The Monstrosities are roughly like the the Warjacks from other factions, with a few differences. They are not spoken much of, but the Drudges, I assume, would be like units for others. When I get these guys, I will have two lots of Mercs and one main army.

There isn’t really much I need to explain about it, because it is all said in the video. So you had better watch it. But I will throw up a couple pics anyway, because they are cool.




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