Castellan – Castle building for two

I remember a game I used to play on paper where there was a grid of dots and each player in turn drew a line between two dots. Whoever closed a square claimed it and then got another go, usually meaning great swathes of squares would be claimed, especially late in the game.

Well, Steve Jackson Games have something somewhat similar to this, and it is called Castellan. The product page has very little information about the game, but the little it does have gets the point off across quite easily. Two players build a castle together, if you create a courtyard you can claim it with a keep. The twist is that you don’t get to decide what pieces to use, those are randomly chosen through cards, putting that chance element into a strategical game.

There is a standard version and an international version, though beyond the colours of the pieces, I can’t see what the difference is. Maybe the colours are the only difference.

The game can be played in less than an hour, has over 100 castle pieces and 30 odd cards. The standard version is available this month (July) with the international version coming out next month. Product page here.


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