Cardgame DB now part of FFG

For those who love to play Living Card Games, they should know all about Cardgame DB, probably the best resource out there at the moment for Living Card game information. Since Fantasy Flight Games makes all of the Living Card games (or at least all the ones I know of), they had the idea to create a resource for their games, as any company would. But instead of starting from floor level and building up from there, starting out all new essentially, they went the other route and acquired Cardgame DB.

By adding Cardgame DB into their family, they have, immediately, all the resources they wanted to craft straight away, with no work involved. The better part, really, is they have an instant community. having a centralised, dedicated community is always the hardest part to get in these sorts of situations, but now they have it already.

Is it currently stands, they aim to change nothing about the site. But in the future, Fantasy Flight Games plans to integrate the functionality of Cardgame DB into their existing website, taking over all the extra that goes with it, like the community.

It is a smart move by Fantasy Flight Games, really, but some people might not see it that way. Some people might see it as they are controlling too much over their games, and they might feel that they could not do certain things before in the community that they previously could. That is only personal opinion, of course, I could be completely wrong on that. What are your thoughts on this acquisition?

Here is the announcement page for this news.

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