My Cancon 2014 Experience

January is a pretty important time of year for myself. New Year resolutions being set, the Triple J Hottest 100 and the year’s first convention, Cancon. Every year tabletop gamers of all varieties head into Canberra to sling spells, duel dudes and nerd it up in general. This year marks my third consecutive year and the first without a magic pre-release. There was still plenty going on and I thought I’d highlight a few of my favourite things.


Pro Tour Qualifier: Journey into Nyx

Over 100 powerful sorcerers in one room.

Over 100 powerful sorcerers in one room.

A conveniently sized gaggle of 128 wizards battled it out for a spot on the Magic Pro Tour in the standard format. Demons were desecrating, waves were mastered and the verdicts supreme. After many rounds it was Canberra local Jim Wilks that took home the opportunity to represent his country at Magic’s most prestigious event.


Future Card Buddyfight

Collectible card games come and go like the tides, but Bushiroad’s latest offering certainly brings something to the table. Representatives were demoing the game throughout the weekend and initial reactions seemed positive from the game’s target audience. It’s certainly not the most tactical gameplay or easiest to say title, but keep your eyes out for Buddyfight invading your local game store soon.


Rob Alexander

This isn’t the first time that renowned artist Rob Alexander has made his presence felt at Cancon and many are hoping it’s not the last. Signing his works, doing alters and producing amazing play mats all weekend, the man still had time to chat with fans under the workload. Check out this piece created for the Camp Quality charity auction which raised over $300.

Rob Alexander's donation to the Camp Quality auction

Rob Alexander’s donation to the Camp Quality auction


The mat will reside with Games Laboratory owner and resident workshop-tapper James Mackay.


Camp Quality Auction

In addition to the play mat, plenty of other donations came in from retailers and members of the community. Between judge foils, signed fruit and currency, assorted boxes and other miscellaneous items, the Cancon Magic attendees raised over $2600 to help fight children’s cancer.

Auctioneer and Games Capital manager Glenn Doyle drums up some excitement!

Auctioneer and Games Capital manager Glenn Doyle drums up some excitement!

Living Card Games

Growing stronger! Many of you would’ve seen this coming but I needed to mention how happy I was at the turnout for Netrunner and A Game of Thrones. The games were fierce but the people were friendly, though with LCGs I guess its to be expected. Better organisation this year made things breeze past and I look forward to seeing more runners and throners next year. I also had a chance to check out Call of Cthulhu for the first time and I might just be hooked!


For more images, check out the gallery over here. There was plenty of events that I missed (I’ll get you next year, lucky dip sealed!) and didn’t mention, but if you fancy yourself some miniatures or games of the card and board variety then make the trip into Canberra next Australia day weekend!

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