Call of Cthulhu – Now on Kickstarter

This came to me one night during a fevered dream-state, as I walked through a Stygian, Cyclopean, dead city. Unknown and terrible entities whispered things to me that no sane man would welcome, in languages that a human mind cannot comprehend.

One of these unhallowed messages managed to worm its way into my mind in an understandable way, and it told me that Cthulhu comes again, rising from his Aeons long Sleep of the Dead. Slowly, the deep meaning of the message grew upon me, granting me the ability to completely understand those whispering shadows that stalked me through this monstrous city. The creatures knew I could understand them now, and the whispering grew, grew to chanting, the volume of the voices rose, merged with each other and became one. The noise was so loud that it beat upon me physically, drove me down to the ground and pressed me there. The chanting had become a single word, repeated over and over…CTHULHU…

Chaosium produces the Call of Cthulhu Role Playing Game, has done for over 20 years. Now they are going to release their newest rendition of their most famous system. Call of Cthulhu 7th edition has come up Kickstarter for all you Cultists to back. It has only been up a few days (still has 30 to go) and it has already beaten its goal. It should come with updated rules and new content.

I love Cthulhu Mythos, probably one of my greatest interests ever. I already own 3rd and 6th editions of this game, as well as a lot of other Cthulhu things. Unfortunately for me, the price range of these items is a little too steep, but only because of the shipping rates, which are $20+ for us here in Australia. There are cheaper PDF options, but I prefer a hard copy of the book.

I assume this product will be available after the Kickstarter has finished because Chaosium is a well established company with an existing site and webstore, so I can always get it later. But if you must have it sooner, or the unnameable horrors press you too much, the Kickstarter page is can be found here. Beware though, once you delve into the Mythos, there is return, and eventually insanity comsumes all those who dabble in those most darkest of paths.

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