Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition – Kickstarter

Because I love the Cthulhu Mythos so much, I had to post an update on this Kickstarter so everyone knows how awesome it is going.

They started looking for $40 grand, and now with 3 days to go, they stand at over $360,000. I know there have been bigger Kickstarters, but what I really admire about this one is how much they keep improving things and adding in more and just generally boosting everything all around.

When I first pledged, because if you knew me, you would know I had to, I opted for a relatively cheap package containing both books in soft-cover. I then changed to have both books in hard cover. By that time, Chaosium has put up like 5 stretch goals. At this point, they are at 19 stretch goals, with 18 of them already reached. Only the $380k goal to go. And with all those, the amount of free stuff you get with it is massive. By now, I am getting additional books, maps, a Keeper’s Screen, dice, a soundtrack and so much more. They even have a ‘Curiosity Shoppe’ where you can add more to your order (paying the cost of added in items of course), such as t-shirts, more books, dice, printed items and even – much to my elation – a Hermetic Order of the Silver Twilight fez. Now I have wanted a fez for a very long time, and suddenly I can get one emblazoned with Mythos? You bet I did.

If you want this whole mess of gear, get on it quick. I’d suggest the minimum package to get is the Enigmatic Elder-Thing level, which will set you back $112, but gets you a lot of the tasty gear that I mentioned above. I’m set at the Slobbering Shoggoth level, which is only $10 more than the Elder-Thing level I mentioned just before. I’m happy to pay that $10 more for a hard cover of both books.

Go here for the Kickstarter page. There is a handy chart that will show what you get with each package, and how much shipping it will cost in total. Here in Australia, we have to add $20+ for physical items.

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