BTGN Android: Netrunner “Ashes” Tournament – Saturday 8th of June

NetrunnerOur very first sponsored event! We are super excited to present to you all the BTGN Android: Netrunner “Ashes” Tournament!

The “Ashes” Tournament is a great way to not only represent your store but to also interact with other members of the Netrunner community from throughout South-East Queensland.  Every participant upon registration will be required to name their ‘Home Store’ and hand in their deck list to the Tournament Organiser.  The winner of the day will not only receive a core set box of Android: Netrunner but also the official BTGN Android Netrunner trophy to take back to their local store for bragging rites.

That trophy stays at that store until the next “Ashes” tournament (Hopefully in a few months) and we start the process all over again.

The first leg of the “Ashes” is taking place at ‘Gauntlet‘ on Brisbane’s Bayside.  Entry fee is only $5!  The event kicks off at 11am so make sure you get in earlier to register for the event (Doors open at 9am).  Other prizes include a deck box, credit tokens and full-art cards.

We hope this is just the very tip of the proverbial iceberg for sponsored events by BTGN.  Keep an out out for more large-scale Brisbane events in the near future.

Full details for the event can be found here.

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