Brisbane Toy & Hobby Fair – For Tabletop Gamers?


So while a great many tabletop gamers where either attending PAX Australia or at least having their attention captured by it (and hopefully our live updates on Facebook) I spent Sunday afternoon driving across Brisbane to take a look at the Brisbane Toy & Hobby Fair.  I’d been cooped up in the house for a week so I was keen to go for a drive and see what outside looked like.  The event had advertised trading cards and board games amongst a variety of other collectables, ‘vintage board games’ in particular caught my attention.

The drive to the Brisbane Table Tennis Centre was an enjoyable one and parking on-site was free and easy.  After stepping through the front door and paying my $4 entry free I was immediately greeted by a large hall and many stall holders.



I spent the next 45 minutes taking my time to stroll through all of the isles and inspect all of the stalls.  Being that ATGN covers all facets of tabletop gaming, I was specifically keeping my eyes open for products that would be of interest to this demographic.  If you are a collector of trading cards of the non-game variety, whether it be movies, tv-shows, sports or artists then you will have a field day at these events.  There was also quite a bit of Lego, models and collectables (such as coca-cola) and figures (He-Man, Spawn, Lord of the Rings, etc).  For tabletop gamers though the selection was pretty slim sadly.  I did find a few stalls that had card singles for TCG’s such as Magic: The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokmeon.  There was also a board game or two, but nowhere near as many as I was hoping for.

The best discovery of the day though was the Card Grading Australia stall.  Up to this point I had always thought those looking to get their cards graded need to ship them off to the USA, here in front of me was a local solution.  I’d have to do some more homework to compare costs but surely the postage and turn-around would have to be better.  The  pamphlet I acquired reads “We have over 30 years experience in the printing industry and studies in forensic science and document examination”.  Seems legit.

In summary though – Is there much here for the tabletop gamer?  Not really.  If you are chasing a few singles and perhaps have broader interest that reach into collectable cards, toys and collectable figures then this is definitely a fair for you though.  Keep your eye on the Australian Premiere Collectables Show website for details about upcoming events.

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