Brisbane Star Wars Regional 2014

It’s tournament season again with the Regionals rolling into town with all things LCG stepping up to the plate. Brisbane’s Star Wars Regional took place at Ace Comics & Games in Annerley where last year’s eventful National competition was also held. This was a tournament that all of Brisbane’s experienced and novice players alike were looking forward to for some time, as well as some out-of-towners from Toowoomba in Brisbane’s west and one very keen Melbournite.

In total there was a turnout of 19 players, 3 more than the Nationals event last year, which is a great sign that the game is growing at a decent rate (at least within Brisbane) considering the long delays between cycle releases. Two of those players were the winners of the two Brisbane store championships held in February/March earlier this year who, of course, utilised their first round byes to score themselves a sweet nine points and advance to the second round immediately. All other players sat down for a feast of cards and tokens to see who would emerge on the other side in greater contention for the amazing swag Fantasy Flight Games had pulled together.

Jabba the Hutt - pride of place!

Jabba the Hutt – pride of place!

After five rounds of Swiss the victors had risen with the Top 8 comprising of the below:

Seed Name Dark Side Light Side
1st Ronnie Wilcox Sith Smugglers & Spies
2nd Diego Rossotti Imperial Navy Smugglers & Spies
3rd Tristin Twyford-Jones Scum & Villainy Smugglers & Spies
4th Michael “Dutch” Green Imperial Navy Smugglers & Spies
5th David Hartwig Imperial Navy Jedi
6th Ashley “Kuso” Cook Imperial Navy Smugglers & Spies
7th Lin “Nyan Cat” Htat Sith Smugglers & Spies
8th Glenn Tyler Imperial Navy Smugglers & Spies

Smuggler’s & Spies were the clear representatives for the Light Side with only one Jedi deck making the top 8 cut while on the Dark Side we saw a showing from each faction but the almighty prowess of the Imperial Navy were out in force filling five of the slots. An honourable mention goes to Tristan’s Scum & Villainy deck being the only top 8 representative. And with the lone soldier from Melbourne, Ronnie Wilcox, pulling out first seed it lit the fire under Brisbane’s belly to get the lead out and make him work for the Regional trophy.

The total spread of affiliations from all players on the day were much the same as the Top 8 players favoring Smugglers on the Light Side and Imperial Navy on the Dark. They’re both very consistent affiliations to bring to a tournament, the only change being the restricted objective sets for Smugglers being announced the week prior to our Regional. This, of course, caused some panic with players having to change up their decks from the standard 2 x False Report, 2 x Against All Odds, 2 x Asteroid Sanctuary and then a variant of Questionable Contacts, Trust Me, and Wookie Life Debt to round out the minimum 10 objectives. Most Smuggler players opted for the tried and true Across the Anoat Sector for Sleuth Scouts over the Freeholders. Some players, including myself, opted for the additional Dash objective with Arcona Rumor Mongers to help boost some quick damage.


For the Top 8, these changes alongside their powerhouse Dark Side decks obviously helped them out in the long run securing them the position for a chance at the Regional championship. Unfortunately for Diego, however, he had to leave before the finals could take place so he couldn’t stake his claim as possible Regional champion. This meant David was lucky enough to sneak into Deigo’s position having scored 5th place! You can check out Ronnie and David in action in the first and, unfortunately, only semi-finals recording we managed to get on the day below:

Semifinal – Game 1

Semifinal – Game 2

Stay tuned to ATGN for the remaining coverage of Brisbane’s Star Wars Regional event with deck lists, more interesting stats, and some cracking commentary from yours truly on the grand final videos to come!

May the force be with you.

– Kuso

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