Brisbane Netrunner Regionals Report

29 players ran nets at GGGC. Photo by Good Games Staff.

29 players ran nets at GGGC. Photo by Good Games Staff.

Hosting a regional for Netrunner on the Gold Coast was perhaps one of the more controversial decisions made by the powers that be during this year’s regional season. Many players cited the fact that the Gold Coast was not a central location and that it could impact on turnout to the event. But it seems nothing was going to get in the way of a Netrunner player and their sweet, sweet swag! A total of 29 players were in attendance from Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Cairns and even Melbourne, making it the second most successful Netrunner event in Queensland (33 players being the current record held by Presents of Mind for last year’s Regional). The Gold Coast contingent was muted however due to the fact that there was a $1K Magic event to compete with up in Brisbane. The atmosphere was electric as a total of 150 games of Netrunner were played over the course of the event.

A vast variety of decks were brought to the table for this event. On the ‘Runner side, the spread between factions used was relatively even with 10 Criminal decks, 8 Shaper decks and 11 Anarchs decks. The most popular Identity was Leela Patel with 7 players playing her. Click on the images below for the full breakdown.


On the Corp Side, all four factions were also utilised with 9 NBN decks, 8 Jinteki decks, 7 Haas Bioroid decks and 5 Weyland decks. NBN’s Near earth Hub won the day as the most popular deck choice with 8 players making it their own.


The tournament ran quite smoothly with only one controversial decision to be made. In a round two game, after a run had been declared against an unprotected server the runner believed that after he had popped his Utopia Shard and sent two cards (which he suspected were agendas) to archives, the corp did not have a window of opportunity to use his Jackson Howard to scurry them away to safety. The Corp believed him and scooped his cards before realising that he did actually have an opportunity. The TO had to rule that since it was impossible to restore the game state, the act of scooping his cards was an act of concession on the part of the Corp player and the two were advised to play on. What made matters worse was that the Corp player in the end only narrowly missed out on a top 8 berth.

For those interested in the round result breakdowns here they are, otherwise scroll down for the rest of the analysis:

Round 1:

Josh v John 0:4, Lin v AJ 2:2, Chris v Warren 2:2, Sean v Jacques 4:0, Daryl v Thomas 4:0,

Matthew T v Tim 4:0, Damien v Sam G 0:4, Patrick v Sebastian 0:4, Sohum v Dutch 3:0,

Sam H v Tobias 2:2, Matthew G v Kuso 1:2, Ryan v Nerdy 0:4

Super Byes: Blake, Alex, Andru, Stu and Conor.

Round 2:

Sam G v Nerdy 4:0, Sebastian v John 3:0, Stu v Daryl 0:4, Alex v Conor 2:1, Matthew T v Blake 0:4,

Andru v Sean 4:0, Sohum v AJ 4:0, Tobias v Chris 2:2, Sam H v Lin 0:3, Warren v Kuso 0:4,

Matthew G v Josh 4:0, Ryan v Dutch 0:4, Damien v Thomas 2:2, Tim v Patrick 4:0

Bye: Jacques

Round 3:

Andru v Daryl 2:2, Sam G v Blake 2:2, Sebastian v Sohum 2:2, Kuso v Alex 2:2, Lin v Conor 2:2,

Matthew G v Dutch 2:1, Chris v John 2:2, Nerdy v Tim 2:2, Matthew T v Jacques 4:0, Stu v Sean 4:0,

Tobias v Thomas 2:2, Sam H v Warren 2:2, AJ v Damien 0:3, Ryan v Patrick 0:4

Bye: Josh

Round 4:

Daryl v Sam G 2:2, Andru v Blake 3:0, Sebastian v Alex 0:4, Sohum v Stu 0:4, Matthew T v Kuso 0:4,

Conor v Matthew G 2:2, Lin v John 4:0, Tobias v Tim 0:4, Nerdy v Chris 4:0, Damien v Dutch 0:4,

Sam H v Josh 0:4, Warren v Sean 0:4, Jacques v Thomas 0:4, Patrick v AJ 0:4

Bye: Ryan

Round 5:

Andru v Stu 2:2, Daryl v Kuso 4:0, Alex v Sam G 3:0, Lin v Tim 2:2, Blake v Nerdy 2:2,

Dutch v Conor 0:4, Matthew G v Sohum 2:2, Sebastian v Matthew T 0:4, Sean v Joshua 2:2,

Thomas v Chris 0:3, John v Tobias 4:0, AJ v Ryan 2:2, Damien v Warren 4:0, Jacques v Sam H 0:4

Bye: Patrick


At the conclusion of 5 rounds of swiss the final standings were:


#. Name Pts SoS
1. Daryl 16 61
2. Andru 15 68
3. Alex 15 62
4. Stu 14 68
5. Conor 13 64
6. Lin 13 51
7. Blake 12 67
8. Sam G 12 64
9. Kuso 12 58
10. Nerdy 12 51
11. Tim 12 51
12. Matthew T 12 49
13. Matthew G 11 55
14. Sohum 11 51
15. Sean 10 47
16. John 10 47
17. Josh 10 39
18. Sebastian 09 56
19. Dutch 09 50
20. Damien 09 41
21. Chris 09 40
22. AJ 08 47
23. Thomas 08 44
24. Sam H 08 37
25. Patrick 08 35
26. Tobias 06 47
27. Ryan 06 37
28. Warren 04 48
29. Jacques 04 38


One interesting fact to come out of this event is that the ratio of Corp wins to Runner wins was practically split directly down the middle. The runner won 50.7% of the time compared to the Corp’s 49.3%. On the runner’s side it was the Anarch’s winning the day with over 40% of the victories and Shaper and Criminal at roughly 30% each.


NBN and Jinteki dominated for the Corp which is in line with their distribution in the event. Jinteki and NBN were up over the 30% mark with HB and Weyland both falling below 20%.


The runners all won by stealing agendas, sadly no one was milled, but for those interested the Runners were flatlined by the Corp 18% of the time.

Damien from Good Games Gold Coast put on a fantastic spread for prize support which had all of the participants drooling! First up was the Regional Tournament Kit which included alternate art Reina’s as the participation card, acrylic credit tokens for the top 16, gorgeous playmats for the top 8 and credit card IDs featuring Edward Kim and Gargarin Deep Space for the top 4. The winner got the prestigious trophy as well as the first round super bye into Nationals which is to be held in Sydney later this year. But the prizes didn’t stop there. Also thrown in was a Silhouette Game Night Kit as well as three absolutely gorgeous Netrunner canvas prints as lucky door prizes!

The incredible collection of swag up for grabs at the event. Photo by Good Games staff.

The incredible collection of swag up for grabs at the event. Photo by Good Games staff.

So now we get to the business end of the tournament; the top 8 cut:

Elimination Round 1:

Daryl (C) v Sam G (R)

Stu (C) v Conor (R)

Andru (C) v Blake (R)

Alex (C) v Lin (R)

After a 20 minute stand off Daryl was able to flatline Sam G. Stu had the tough task of trying to score out against Conor’s runner which he managed to do. Battles between Andru and Blake are always fun to watch and this one was no different. Andru won this round however. Finally Lin had a tough task taking on Alex who ultimately proved too strong. You can catch the action from the first elimination round here with Stu v Conor:

Elimination Round 2:

Winners Bracket:

Daryl (R) v Conor (C)

Andru (R) v Alex (C)

Losers Bracket:

Sam G (C) v Stu (R)

Blake (R) v Lin (C)

Daryl had been on fire all day and his winning streak kept on going. He proved too strong for Conor who put up a valiant fight. Matches between Andru and Alex are always nothing short of epic but tonight was Andru’s night. Andru won in the end but as always Alex did not go down without a fight. Between Sam G and Stu it was now sudden death! Both fought hard but, like in Highlander, there can be only one! Sam G was that one, knocking a gracious Stu out of the tournament. Lin’s finals woes continued against Blake, exhaustion after 10 hours of Netrunning finally taking its toll. Blake knocked him out of the tournament but Lin was still quite pleased to be among the top 8. Watch out for the videos taken from this round when they hit YouTube soon.

Elimination Round 3:

Winners Bracket:

Daryl (R) v Andru (C)

Losers Bracket

Sam G (C) v Alex (R)

Blake (C) v Conor (R)

In the final winners bracket showdown Andru faced off against Daryl and the stage was set. Andru was able to keep Daryl at bay long enough to score out in the end but the game ended with Andru wishing Daryl all the best with “I hope to see you in the final!”. Sam G faced off against Alex in sudden death. Alex’s reputation certainly preceded him but that was not enough to stop Sam G coming away with the win. Alex was gracious in defeat congratulating Sam on his efforts. Next up Blake and Conor squared off and it was Conor that ran his way to a win knocking Blake out and securing his top 4 berth. Videos taken of this round to be uploaded soon

Elimination Round 4:

Sam G (R) v Conor (C)

It was sudden death for both of these players and so keen were they to get crackin’ that they forgot to set up in front of the cameras, so this one wasn’t filmed. It was an epic battle however, that nearly lasted the full 40 minutes but Sam G proved victorious. Conor, who had made the trek all the way from Cairns, finished 4th which out of a field of 29 is nothing to sneeze at!

Elimination Round 5:

Sam G (R) v Daryl (C)

Daryl had the benefit of a rest before facing Sam who had been running all night. Whether or not that was a factor remains to be seen but Daryl did come away with a flatline in the end. The video for this game should be up on YouTube soon.

Elimination Round 6:

Andru (R) v Daryl (C)

Throughout the tournament Daryl’s Corp had been undefeated up until this point. So this was a small comfort to him since he was coming into the final one life down. The battle was as tense as the atmosphere surrounding it. But in the end it was Andru’s incredible skill as Runner that saw him win the day! Watch this amazing game here:

So a massive congratulations to our two finalists Andru Rodger and Daryl Russell. As they say “winners are grinners” and these two have a lot to grin about after their fantastic effort on the day.


Finally for those who want to try on the winning decks here are the two finalist’s deck lists starting with Andru’s:

Andru’s Runner:


Kate “Mac” McCaffrey: Digital Tinker


1x Stimhack

3x Diesel

2x The Maker’s Eye

3x Sure Gamble

2x Quality Time

1x Scavenge

1x Levy AR Lab Access

3x Dirty Laundry

3x Lucky Find

1x Legwork


2x Plascrete Carapace

1x R&D Interface

3x Clone Chip

3x Prepaid VoicePAD

2x Astrolabe


2x Same Old Thing

1x Symmetrical Visage


1x Mimic

1x Gordian Blade

1x Deus X

1x Atman

1x Sharpshooter

2x Cerberus “Lady” H1


1x Datasucker

1x Parasite

3x Self-Modifying Code

1x Clot

Influence: 15

Cards: 47


Andru’s Corp:


Haas-Bioroid: Engineering the Future


3x Accelerated Beta Test

3x Project Vitruvius

2x Gila Hands Arcology

3x NAPD Contract


3x Adonis Campaign

1x Thomas Haas

3x Jackson Howard

2x Daily Business Show


2x Ash 2X3ZB9CY

1x Caprice Nisei

1x Crisium Grid


3x Biotic Labor

3x Hedge Fund

1x Peak Efficiency

1x Patch


1x Heimdall 1.0

3x Eli 1.0

Code Gates:

1x Tollbooth

2x Viper

1x Pop-Up Window

1x Quandry

3x Turing


2x Ichi 1.0

3x Architect

Influence: 15

Agenda Points: 20

Cards: 49


Daryl’s Runner:


Whizzard: Master Gamer


2x Account Siphon

2x Day Job

3x Dirty Laundry

3x Deja Vu

2x Hacktivist Meeting

3x I’ve Had Worse

2x Inject

1x Stimhack

3x Sure Gamble

2x Wanton Destruction


2x Desperado

1x Plascrete Carapace

2x Prepaid VoicePAD


1x Hades Shard

2x John Masanori

3x Same Old Thing


2x Corroder

3x Knight

2x Mimic

1x Yog.0


1x Datasucker

1x Gravedigger

2x Medium

Influence: 15

Cards: 46


Daryl’s Corp:


Jinteki: Personal Evolution


1x Chronos Project

3x Fetal AI

3x Gila Hands Arcology

2x House of Knives

1x Philotic Entanglement

2x The Future Perfect


1x Blacklist

1x Cerebral Overwriter

3x Jackson Howard

3x Project Junebug

3x Psychic Field

2x Ronin

3x Snare!


1x Celebrity Gift

2x Cerebral Cast

2x Medical Research Fundraiser

3x Mushin No Shin

2x Neural EMP

1x Scorched Earth


2x Eli 1.0

1x Markus 1.0

Code Gates:

1x Lotus Field

1x Yagura


1x Archer

2x Cortex Lock

1x Komainu

1x Swordsman

Influence: 15

Agenda Points: 20

Cards: 49.

Stay tuned to ATGN for more coverage of future events from Netrunner throughout Australia.


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