Bodhi’s EPIC Epic Diem experience!


A day that was set up to be nothing but magical from the sunrise! I was up early, as all good nerds are, for the hour long car ride up to the Sunshine Coast University and for the beginning of what was sure to be an EPIC Diem. As a team of reporters we arrived together and we were ready to take on anything that day had in store for us! Of course, this was after a few cups of coffee and a sit down. The event started in grand style, filling up quickly as the locals poured into the venture and the local QLD wrestling scene was already in full swing! With lots of incredible action already starting and lots of great local talent to check out, I wanted to give you guys a run down on my 5 favorite things about Epic Diem!

Number 5: The Cosplay!

Kicking off my list as my 5th favorite thing about the event, I was lucky enough to get some great photo’s and video during the day of lots of wonderful and talented Cosplayer’s. If I could show you every picture and every person during the day I most certainly would, but with only so much that I can fit into an article I thought it would be nice to recount my experience and list my favorites. A lot of the day was spent checking out all of the great stores and sites that the venue had to offer. But, as it would happen a lot of my day was also spent conversing with the locals and trying to learn as much as I could about the Cosplay scene on the Sunshine Coast. From Rainbow Dash to Link everyone really brought their A game and it was wonderful to see just how creative every one could be given the opportunity.

Number 4: Wrestling!

Although not one of the premier “Geek Culture” aspects of the day, the Queensland Local wrestling was cheesy as all get out and that made it incredibly enjoyable to watch as a spectator. Without a doubt, watching Batman punch Superman in the face would be very high up on my to do list and I was excited to see just how one of these events is performed live. Throughout the whole day, there was a constant stream of Semi-Pro and Professional wrestlers up on the stage having fun and providing an entertaining experience for the crowd. Getting the crowd involved was easy as the Flash ran from one end of the event to the other from Mr Incredible. If you ever get to live the childhood fantasy of watching your favorite Superheroes beat the snot out of one another I strongly suggest it!

Number 3: Local Artists!


Everyone loves a local artist! Not to mention the fact that everyone who I got the chance to see this year was amazing. Being able to walk up to people at their booth’s and having a conversation with them made everything 150% worth it. The work was incredible too, very well portrayed and thought out with many of the artists sitting at their stalls and drawing all day. Look out for an interview with a local artist that I was lucky enough to get in a couple of days time!

Number 2: Infinity Wars!


Much like Lochlan, I spent most of my day playing and chatting to the crew behind the online card game Infinity Wars. Without spoiling Lochlan’s article too much as soon he will have a full report of the game up and for your perusal the game is amazing! It’s done by a company based in Brisbane, with plenty of twists and turns in the game as well as the feature to take your turn at the same time as an opponent. Thank you very much to the Infinity Wars crew that were incredibly friendly in giving interviews and chatting about the game for the entire day! I wish them the best of luck in developing the game and I hope that anyone lucky enough to get into the Beta can do so as the game provides you with hours of entertainment that you may not be getting from other games of the like.

Number 1: You, me, everybody!


I may have touched on this briefly already, but the people at these places are wonderful. Being able to travel to an event like this is something that I would never take for granted and to meet so many awesome people is the biggest positive I could possibly imagine. Seeing so many smiling faces, meeting everyone that I mentioned in the article and spending the whole day just talking to people who have spent their lives being creative and artistic is an amazing thing. I spent a lot of my day walking around with my girlfriend Dana, who would take every opportunity to stop and examine some of the wonderful art and self-made products that Epic Diem had to offer. Without a doubt, the best hing about the day was meeting everyone who worked so hard to make it happen and I hope that this convention continues to grow bigger and better into the future!


Look out for more articles in the coming days with interviews and wrap-ups of BTGN’s entire experience at Epic Diem on the Sunshine Coast! Thanks
for reading guys, I hope to see you all soon!

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