Board Game Breakdown

Today I bring several new board games to the table (see what I did there…). Instead of mucking about, I’ll just get straight to them.

First up, no a stand alone game, but an expansion to a pre-existing game, we have Forsaken Lore. It is an expansion to the brilliant Eldritch Horror, a Cthulhu Mythos game made by Fantasy flight Games. I’ve written an article or two about Eldritch Horror already, the review of which you can read here. Forsaken Lore is a card expansion, bringing in over 200 new cards and a new Ancient one, Yig – the Father of Serpents. If the expansions for Arkham Horror were anything to go by, the expansion will make the game more difficult, which should be fun… But I will still get a copy. Links – Forsaken Lore website (for all new information) and Announcement article.


I’ve always been a little wary of board games based off movies/tv programs/video games. I remember the Doom board game wasn’t received that well, and I wasn’t impressed with the Bioshock Infinite board game. So in saying that, I don’t know what to make of The Witcher Adventure Game, based off the novels and video games of the same name. I know the video games are quite popular, but I could never get into them. The announcement page doesn’t give out too much information at the moment, but what I do know from it is that the game will be up to 4 players, and you will pick and control one of the popular characters from the game, and traverse the Witcher world, working with or against the other players to gain victory.


The Age of War is a new dice based game from Fantasy Flight Games. It is set in feudal Japan, and the players take the roles of rival daimyos, vying for control of the land by taking control of castles. The announcement page has a brief rundown on how the game works, and it all sounds very simple. The dice system works in a manner very similar to that involved in Elder Sign, another FFG game. It looks to be an easy game that won’t take too long to play.



As I said previously, I am unsure about board games based off video games and such, but my opinion might be turned by this…Portal: Uncooperative Cake Acquisition Game. That is only a working title at the moment, but most people should instantly know what it is. Reports say that Valve worked on this in-house for a year or so before taking it to Cryptozoic Entertainment to get a final polish. A game for two – four people, it would see the players working against each other to “test in the most desirable test chambers” with expendable Aperture Science test subjects. It is also meant to include all the staples, like Turrets and Weighted Companion Cubes. Read all about it here.

Several months ago, I did a couple articles on a game called The Doom That Came to Atlantic City. I reported on the Kickstarter first, on how it all fell apart and the fallout from that event, the unhappy customers and the responses of those involved. Then I reported on how Cryptozoic Entertainment picked up the remnants of all that and were prepared to take it on board and produce the product, promising to ship the completed product to those Kickstarter customers free and get it out to everyone else too. Well I am happy to say that they came through, Doom will be released to the public on April the 2nd, with the Kickstarter supporters getting theirs several days before. I will have to save all my monies because I want this too. The dream becomes reality.

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